Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is me, frustrated.

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday; I've just been soooo ... off lately. Yesterday was actually UFs date night, but I decided that I wanted Houston's (the restaurant) to celebrate another year down. So UF lovingly gave up his date night and let me have it! 

Let me tell you, best meal EVER. If you live in an area that has a Houston's go try it, NOW. I mean... stop what you are doing... and go! Yum. I feel like I've been craving it for weeks and was going mad waiting... so he let me have his date night pick... sweet huh?

Can I mention that allll day today (Thursday) it felt like Friday. It's pretty disappointing when you realize it's NOT actually Friday. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and I was kinda debating using a PTO (personal) day, but I'm pretty sure I've decided against it. Just because I don't "wanna" work, doesn't mean it's worth a PTO day... those things are coveted after all. 

So I'm hoping that Friday goes by swiftly (as I know it won’t), and that I get to spend some time in the sun... we shall see eh? Happy Friday!  

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