Saturday, April 2, 2011

The birds are singing.

Thus far it would seem that April is going to be a good month. I may have mentioned my love of the month April yesterday, but I forgot another reason I love it. Yes, it just happens to be my birth month, but along with that fact comes another added bonus.... month of birth coupons and free meals!! My favorite, the elusive $20.00 gift card from Vera Bradley and $10.00 gift card from Victoria Secret, yes please!!

My month got started on the right foot. I had previously purchased a Temptu Airbrush system from Sephora in January... yes, it cost $280.00 plus tax.


 I have been looking at that sucker for months decided whether or not I would use it. I finally earned enough money on a gift card from work (they load it a couple of times a month for different things), so I didn't feel so bad about buying it, I wasn't actually out of the money... technically. I use it occasionally, but not every day, and I am working the kinks out for the wedding (hopefully). Then, yesterday, I got an e-mail from Sephora advertising the exact kit for $165.00!! I was fuming. I despise missing "the" sale. I was thinking about how if I had purchased it on my American Express (which I didn't have then) they would be refunding me the difference. Then I thought, hey... I might as well check out there return policy. Turns out you can return an item within 90 days for a store credit. I made my purchase on January 6th... turns out I had a couple days left. I called the online support and they said, you can't return it without a box and we can't just refund you the difference, but call the store, they might be able too. Feeling a little frustrated I did. They said, sure we can return it, but the new pricing in online only. Money is money, so I figured I'd return it then order the new one online and save $130.00... even if they will only give it to me in store credit. So I ran home and brought it into the store (no box). What happened next surprised me! They let me keep my system (which is basically brand new) and just refunded me the difference, to my card! Score!! So if you asked me, I would definitely recommend Sephora!

Sorry for the product placement, but I didn't review the system, so it doesn't count! Moral of the story, always check out the return policy or just put it on an Amex card! They refund the difference in price of purchased item if it goes down anytime that year! Awesome right?

In other April news, the weather is AH-MAZING, and I'm OFF. It finally worked out in my favor folks! Plus I got an 1 1/2 of Zumba in plus another 30 minutes of strength training and I am off to start the rest of my day! Hard part done? Check!

P.S. - I accidentally went backwards a page and thought I lost EVERYTHING! I wouldn't have started over (sorry) , so thank goodness it saved! See, it's the month of April! 

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