Monday, April 25, 2011


I am so sorry I have been MIA the past couple of days. It seems like everything has been fast and furious lately. 

Friday I had a pretty rough day at work and was ready for the weekend. I'm at least glad I got out of that place when I did, because I will admit I was close enough to snapping. It was a beautiful day outside though, so when I got home UF and I went on the patio and had a beer. It was just what the doctor ordered. Feeling better already we grilled some fajita meat and had some fajitas. Then a little later in the evening we grabbed a beer with some friends on an outdoor patio. It was very relaxing. 

Saturday UF and I had lots of wedding things to accomplish. We stopped by Men's Warehouse to check out tuxes then went to Al's Formal Wear to compare. The quality between the two seemed pretty noticeable to me and UF. If UF notices a quality difference in tux's you can be sure there is one. Men's Warehouse also offers a free suit up to $400 if you pay for your rental, and UF thought that idea was pretty neat, since he needs a new suit anyways. The only problem is Men's Warehouse doesn't have the right shade of green for UF's suit. The groomsmen will all wear brown vests (which look great) to match the bridesmaids, but we wanted UF in our green color. They suggested he wear ivory/white to match my dress instead. Still a little confused about what to do. We could always find our own vest, but I don't know if that would be expensive. We are trying to save money wherever we can... so I think that's out. I may check it out just in case.

Sunday UF and I had the most wonderful day. We just relaxed and cuddled and spent some time together. It seems like a while since we just watched movies on the couch and enjoyed each other’s company. I wouldn't have spent the day any other way, except maybe the end. See, UF and I decided to go grab some dinner at about 7:30 pm. On our way we heard tornado sirens and "please take shelter" being repeated over an intercom!! I was soo scared that I made UF turn straight around and head right back home... no food. And guess what, it didn't even rain! Ahh, Texas! Better safe than sorry though, right?

As for today, not too bad for a Monday. Not bad at all. One day down in the work week too. I've got some more laundry to catch up on tonight, but nothing I can't handle. This Friday I turn one year older... eek. It goes by sluggishly slow when you're younger and then WAY to quickly as you get older!!

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