Friday, September 30, 2011

It's technically still Friday yall!

It's technically still Friday, so while this may be a later than normal post it does mean I didn't skip out on y'all today!

I've been toying with the idea of getting an iPad for a while now, but I always talk myself out of it at some point. I'm very fortunate to have the things I have and I guess I just feeling guilty sometimes for wanting something when I have so much.

I've been weighing the pros and cons with UH and really digging to make sure that it was something I really wanted and would really use. I absolutely don't want something that I'm not going to actually use... no matter how much it costs.

So UH told me to give it s few more days to think about and if I still wanted it then we could talk about it fo realz. I don't make quick decisions about these kinds of things, so I said yeah sure.... Sounds good.

Well... I best UH home from work today and he comes and gets me and tells me he has a surprise for me. I got a little hopeful when he says, don't get excited it's not an iPad. If you know UH then you know that when he says phrases like that, you listen.... Cause last time he said that he got me a box of nails.... Seriously. Then he turns around to grab it and says.. It's an iPad TWO! Sneaky little boy, he got me sn iPad 2!

I'm pretty sure this is the coolest present that UH has gotten me for no reason in our vast 6 year history. UH doesn't get me big presents for no real reason, and he doesn't have it, certainly not to prove anything, I know he loves me to death no matter what.

A keeper, with or without presents, that man is.

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flirting with Temptation

Is it only Thursday? It feels like it should be Friday, which always stinks when you realize it's just plain ol Thursday. 

That does mean I'm linking up for this, though:

This week my temptations are DIY projects. Some of these I may have posted already or recently, but sometimes I just think I'm Martha Stewart. I really hope I attempt at least one of these this weekend though! :) 

Would be so neat above the table! 

I'm convinced this project would be pretty easy and that I may have most of the materials... I could be wrong though.

All you need is a canvas, painters tape, and paint. Easy enough right?

I really love this idea too, now all I have to do is locate all our old keys... 

I'm tired of purchasing cheesy wreaths, I want to make my own. Our front door could use some new paint too while I'm at it.

Believe it or not, I've been saving this jars at home to do this project. I want to use them as or glasses at home. They are just Starbucks coffee jars. You know, the ones you buy at the gas station.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love Pinning.

Every time I get a free second, you can pretty much find me pinning. Mostly. Usually. Here are my favorite pins this week! 

Not to mention, I love seeing what other people are pinning. It's a glimpse into a persons life ya know?! What projects are they up too, what is their fashion styles, what are they cooking tonight?! I'm so nosy. 

I can assure you that I don't need this, but it makes it on my want list fo sho.

I think you would probably need a tarp set up over you for this to work, but I looove. 

I love this dress, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Boo. 

I don't know when it became an aspiration to go to Thailand, but it has. It looks gorgeous and exotic, right up my alley. 

I like this look, it's clean and crisp, and it works with the colors of our bed and bedroom already.

Awesome DIY project, I'm pretty sure UH has wood in the garage already, so maybe I can do it for free this weekend! 

Another weekend DIY maybe? I have a Costco credit for 100 pics, so this may be able to be done on the cheap too! Holla

I'm pretty sure I've previously mentioned moving to New England. Need another reason why?? S

I plan on having this picnic table in my backyard when I do too. What a killer idea!

So true. I think I may sign out with just that.

What are you pinning this week?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glossy or Matte, that is the question.

As uneventful as I know this is, I'm going to share anyways. 

Last night, for the first time in weeks, months maybe, I painted my toe nails and finger nails. I like doing darker fall colors on my fingers, but I don't like doing dark colors (other than red) on my toes. It always ends up looking dirty, or so I think. 

So I painted my toes a lavender color, but it may look dirty too??

If you aren't a feet person, sorry, I tried to make it as un-about my feet as possible. 

The color is OPI: Parlez-Vous OPI? I really like this color on my fingers as well. I never seem to paint my toes and nails the same color though. I guess your supposed to, but it's too matchy matchy for me. 

Then I moved on to le fingers. Please don't laugh, I am pretty horrible at painting my own nails... but I like paying for them and sitting around waiting for them for an hour more. Weird right?

I like this color, but it looks pretty dark if there isn't much light around. I think I still like it though. It's OPI: Ski Teal We Drop. 

I think the next color I will add to my expansive nail polish collection will be a navy blue... maybe this one:

OPI: Yoga-Te Get This Blue or

OPI: Russian Navy Matte

I usually pretty much only go with glossy nail polish, but this matte is really starting to grow on me. Are you a fan of matte nail polish?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Who doesn't love a deal!?

Sooo, do you remember how Fashion Fridays post was all about button ups?! If you don't check it out here

Well, I received an email from Old Navy for 25% off a purchase between 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. I didn't take advantage of the discount though, because they were out of stock of one shirt pattern I wanted, and I wanted to check the fit, since the reviews were mixed on fit. I used to be a huge Old Navy fan but have gotten a little snobby about clothes lately. I really think the quality of these shirts are great though. So I went in and bought a few... being a saver though, I was trying to decided whether to purchase in store or online. I went ahead and purchased in store, here's why: a) they had the pattern I wanted b) they also had the size I wanted c) They sold each shirt to me for $15 instead of $25... which is way more than a 25% discount. So I'm happy. 

Here are a couple of the shirts I bought, styles at least.

I know, leopard?! I love it.

Keep in mind: All the shirts are that light, breezy, sometimes see-though material. I will be wearing an undershirt, don't worry. :)

I'm pretty sure I've pinned this exact shirt on Pinterest a hundred times! 

You always needs a cool, crisp, white shirt right?! Plus you can mix all kinds of awesome scarfs with it! 

Lastly, I picked up this baby. it is see through and low cut, but I will wear a cami under it. It's way better looking in person and on too. 

If you've got the loose breezy shirt bug like I do and you are ready for some fall check it out. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday! Woot!

It's Fashion Friday again yall!!! I'm really starting to like this link up too much, it gives me the "gimmies"! :)

This week I have found myself grabbing anything button up. Particularly, silk button ups... they are so flattering, but generally... any button up! :) It must be that fact that fall is around the corner and full sleeves are almost a reality here in TX!

I started with one of my favorites. The denim button down. It was kinda everywhere last fall though, so I hope it still comes back this year! 

This is awesome, see through, but not to terribly provocative, yet it still has sleeves and everything! 

I love this dark distressed denim, kinda sexy! 

A nice relaxed twist on a male work shirt maybe?! I have been looking everywhere for a men's button up that is just right. If you know where I can find some let me know! 

I love this look with the gold pearls!!! Forever 21 too! 

Denim shirt again, I know, but this time l'm paying attention to the layering! So cool! 

What are yall looking at this week for Fashion Fridays?!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Simple Things

I think I've mentioned before how lately I have been really concentrating on the good and simple things in life, and that's why I'm participating in this link up!! 

Like I mentioned, I've been working really hard at it, and I find it really does make me a happier person. Even UH has mentioned how happy I've been lately, maybe a little goofy too. 

Here are some of the simple things I'm appreciating:

- Watching my employees do plank. It's really pretty funny and I think every now and then completely appropriate.
- Prime time television, thank goodness!!! 
- Cuddling with my Husband and pups. 
- My family, really... they rock. 
- Parking in the garage, when I remember, it's awesome.
- Aviators
- Busy bones, they keep our pups trouble free for sometimes hours!
- Being alive

I promise if you try it, it makes the quality of your life that much better!!! I wouldn't steer you wrong either! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am still addicted to Pinterest. It is still a problem. 

On a side note though, Husband turns 29 today! Ahhh!! I can't believe he was 23 when we first met.  Crazy. Any who, I'm so fortunate to have you in my life hun. You are so my rock and my best friend, it would be a pretty lonely world without you in it! I love you! 

Back to our regularly scheduled programing, "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays" at The Vintage Apple!

For my husband, of course.

This one reminds me of Husband, and it's so true sometimes! haha

I love this project, and I love the colors. I think I may try this one soon! 

I am loving this idea for all of my hair utensils. I'm talking, all 3 curling irons and straight iron! Yes please!! 

This picture really sums up how I've been feeling lately. All warm and cozy. You know what I mean? I'm ready for some Fall/Winter like weather! I got the snuggles! 

These next pins are because UH and I have been discussing moving. If we want to move, where we would move, when to move, etc. Just playing with the idea... and this is where I would love to live... any of them really.

Honestly, I'm not sure if this is a resort or a house, but I want! :)

Don't you imagine this is what the inside of one of those rooms looks like in that cabin?! I love the few and it's seems so comfy!! 

A much more realistic home I would say. I don't think I love this one any less though!! I'm a sucker for the woods and mountains. How pretty!! 

It seems I have been a pinning fool here lately and it's been a little sporadic!! What have you pinned this week?!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's here and then it's gone.

I guess it's that time again... You know when you start thinking about your glorious weekend... so I can share it with yall, of course.... Then remember that you have to work this weekend. Bitter sweet, but at least I had last weekend off, right?!

Friday I got my workout in after work, so I started the weekend off right. Came home at dinner, then watched a little bit of t.v.

Saturday we finally got to sleep in. I swear it's the first time since our honeymoon. Usually the pup stats whining at some point early in the morning and we are up by 8 am or 9 am, but we got to sleep in until 10am! Then we got moving, dressed, and headed to my aunt and uncles... which is where my mom and step dad had gone off to Friday morning. We had a great time. I was soo mad that I forget every single one of my cameras. I took all of 3 shots on my phone. We actually brought the dogs with us, so we all sat out by their pond and let the dogs swim for hours. Then we drove around my uncles new mule and let the dogs chase behind us... to make sure they were worn out and all.

Then we headed to the porch and played a few hands of hearts, which I won, and headed inside for some pool and dinner.

I'm pretty sure the following pictures were taken before dinner and during pool, but at some point the crazy cajun uncle busted out the wig! haha

Sorry about the blurriness, they wouldn't stop moving!! 

My crazy cajun uncle taking his shot! 

It was a blast, just trust me!! 

Sunday we had a nice day at the house. I washed both dogs, they stunk... UH watched his Patriots game. I've decided to catch up on all of my reality shows while he watches football, it works out pretty well so far. I think he is trying to cut back on all the non-Patriots games and give me extra attention, so I don't feel forgotten about... so sweet. 

I actually had Monday off too, so we ran some errands and got some things done. Including all of like 7 loads of laundry. Bleck. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Fridays!

This beautiful, chilly (what?!) morning I am linking up with Blonde Episodes Fashion Friday! What an excellent way to kick start the weekend huh?! 

I am always obsessing over purses/bags of any and all varieties. I can't help it, it's is definitely a problem. So I thought I'd share my most recent dream list. This is only a wish list, I don't really ever except it to be a reality, I'm not crazy! :)

Of course the LV Speedy 30... duh, it's a staple! 

LV Neverful GM, my dream travel tote I think. 

Coach bag, I love love love the creamy caramel color! 

Coach bag, I can't find the name of it, but it's my newest addition. I think it'll be a great color for fall. 

This bag makes my heart flutter. I really love the color. I know it's out of season now, but Spring/Summer will happen again!

Another Kate Spade, I love the quilted pattern. This would be a great staple for Fall/Winter.

My latest obsession is Michael Kors. I recently stepped into the outlet store and haven't stopped thinking about it since. I walked out with nothing though, woohoo! I am saving for one of those bags though... if you have never touched a Michael Kors bag, you need to, it is luxurious! 
I love this Michael Kors, I really love the design and the chain in the strap. Yum.

I like this bag for a smaller option, you know, if you don't feel like lugging around your suitcase all day! 

While I don't have an IPhone, I think this case is pretty ingenious. I don't know about answering the phone in the case, but what a brilliant idea!! 

I am also in love with Michael Kors watches... so for a quick detour...

This is my favorite, I love the band. I want! 

I'd pretty much take any and all of these. 

Thought I'd share my problem with yall!! First step is admittance, right?!