Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's been a day.

I have no idea what happened to today?! It went by all too fast. 

We having super corporate auditors in town at work and they are "surprise" auditing stores around the metroplex. Rumor has it the store I run will be first on the list tomorrow morning. The good news is that I was supposed to close, now I HAVE to open! Ha! I win. Honestly, I'm as prepared as possible and I'd prefer to get this stuff over with. I will have to let you know what happens, unless they don't come or it's bad news! :)

In other news, I have yet to hear that my wedding dress is in. I'm not freaking out about it, but I do only have 5 weeks to get that sucker in and have it altered! I can't wait until she gets here!!! Woo! 

UF and some family members and me are actually 4 wheeling this weekend, and we are excited!!! However, we may be leaving Friday afternoon, which means I have to find time to catch up on house work and pack up for the long weekend THIS week. By THIS week, I mean tomorrow and Thursday. It's amazing how fast time can fly when you wish it wouldn't! 

So you see why I have been a little inconsistent right?

Off to finish laundry for me! I want this for my dogs collar, too cute!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's get this done.

Hello loves!

I don't know about yall, but I accomplished pretty much nothing this weekend. Or at least, nothing at the house.

We had a really busy weekend and my house is a complete wreck as a result. I'm sorry house, I will attempt to clean you tonight, don't be mad.

Saturday morning I went and took an .5 hour ab class followed by an 1.5 Zumba class... as you can imagine, I was worn out.

Then UF and I had to take a trip out to the Galleria mall in Dallas. If you have been there you know it's huge and full of fabulous designer things I can't have. I remember why I never ever go to that mall, it gives me the gimmies! I got over it though, don't worry. I was able to exchange some recently purchased clothing that is now too big. That worked out nicely.

Then it was off to yet another make-up trial. I did take pictures so I may try and share.

As soon as I got home UF and were off to say my Uncle from the doctors office and we went to see my Aunt and Uncles new home. It is beyond gorgeous. I can't describe it, you probably wouldn't get it anyways... you just have to see it. They were renting an excavator to dig out their pond and UF and I were super excited to get in that bouncy seat and give it a try. It was a blast! Excavators are way more fun that you may assume. If you don't know what an excavator is, don't worry, I will show you!

We ended up hanging out with the Aunt and Uncle for quite a while and then it was back home and straight to bed for us.

Sunday we got up early to help some friends out and then it was lunch and off the the lake where we enjoyed a few hours on their boat.

We got home in time to eat and head to bed and now, it's Monday! I will share pics soon! Promise!! Until then:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Friday Eve!!

I will leave you with one thought/picture on this glorious Friday eve. 

Everything about this makes me laugh. I love it, I think I may make UF pose like this to replicate this exact picture one day soon. How awesome would that be?! Oooh, then I would HAVE to do some cheesy picture montage at the wedding, just so I could include it!!! BAhahah He wouldn't like that, but it'd be funny!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Pinteresting?!

I saw this link up last week, but wasn't prepared enough to participate... that changed this week, and I'm ready!!

Link Up!

This is AWESOME. Love it!

Who us? Now we didn't see any mud! I <3!

The right reason to work out. Great reminder.

So true, so so true.

Love her makeup!

Tulle makes me happy. Who doesn't love tulle?!

I always welcome reminders to stay positive.

This picture reminds me of the synchronized swimming routines my cousins and aunts used to do in the pool... yeah we are that family! haha

Your turn!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Tuesday and that was my weekend.

I was MIA on Monday I know... the thing is... I'm either off on Monday and playing or I am working on Monday and trying to get back into the groove. Mondays are always hectic right?

Weekend Recap time?

I don't know where to begin, because I don't remember my weekend. No, not because it was THAT good, but because it was THAT short.

I worked Saturday and it was slow enough for me to make my employees take Cosmo quizzes. This is a new low for me. It means there was literally NOTHING else to do.

Sunday was better. We got a ton of stuff done around the house and crossed off somethings on the wedding "to-do" list. Then we went to a friends house for a BBQ, which was pretty enjoyable. It was nice to see our friends and relax a bit. Then it was home, movie, bed, and Monday morning.

I've got a new, unrelated to wedding, task to figure out. I want to figure out how to put my Pinterest pics up. I will, I know I only have to look at it probably, but I'm working on it.

In wedding news: We packed up 4 boxes full of wedding stuff and UF put shipping labels on those babies and is taking them to UPS, RELIEF! UF has also taken over the guest list thank goodness. Things are getting done and my list is getting shorter, feels good. I can't wait to be married...cross that out, rather... I can't wait to marry my husband! :)

Hope yalls weekend was longer!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boot Camp and Wedding Cake

I am exhausted from boot camp and little bit tired of thinking about wedding details. 

With less than 50 days to go, the wedding is coming up fast! We are still missing quite a few R.S.V.P.’s and are trying to put some of the final details together and I'm kinda tired of thinking about it. UF wants to just randomly pick people's food... uhhh, you can't do that!! 

I guess the other thing that kinda weighs heavy on my heart about the wedding is I don't know if a lot of my family will make it. All of UF's family will be there, but I don't know if much of my family will be there. There is a strong possibility that my grandmother won’t make it, "because she can't handle it" .... I get it, I do, and I won’t be angry... but it's distressing. I guess that is all I will say about it, we will see what happens.   

On to a happier topic... do you ever see people and think, I need to take a picture of "said person" with my phone camera?! You know, you see craaaazy people and think about how funny it would be if you could show it to other people??? I had one of those moments...  at Victoria Secret.

I was at Victoria Secret (semi-annual sale) and I notice 3 Asian women following each other around the store, very closely, and talking pretty loudly. Then I notice one of the sales people attempting to block the door because the Asian women are holding tons of loot and trying to holler out the door at someone outside?! It gets better. The biggest Asian women had on a realllllly short dress and as soon as that door opened WOOSH her dress blew up... ewwww. Not wearing VS undies, I don't think! Then the door siren goes off, beeep beeeep beeep. The sales lady finally gets the woman BACK into the store and the Asian women are making this annoying beeep beeep beeep (like the alarm) noise. The sales lady lets out a big sigh and tries to explain they should stay away from the door so it doesn't beep. 

I wish I had the nerve to blatantly video record them, you would have loved it!! <3

Fill In The Blank Friday!

I thought I would make-up for Monday with a little bit of:

Link up!
1.   This weekend I'm   going to be working, boo.

2.  My last vacation was  a Caribbean cruise out of Galveston with some friends, wish I was back on it!!

3.  My next vacation will be   a week in NH for my wedding (if that counts as vacation, I'm not working so I think it does) followed by a week in Costa Rica!! 

4.  My favorite way to relax is  cuddling on the couch watching a good movie.

5.  When vacationing one should always    make sure your phone is turned OFF. Rule #1.

6.  When vacationing one should never  Check e-mail or think about work. Bleh.

7.  The best part about a vacation is  Escaping some of the daily grind and doing whatever you want whenever you want too!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It seems like Awkward and Awesome Thursday come up so fast!! I have to say, I am never prepared enough for this! 


- Coffee breath. 
- Stinky customers. 
- You're e-mail address, which clearly states your entire name, sending out spam to everyone you have ever e-mailed... sorry, don't open it?!
- Your boss begging for good news, cause he had the worst day... what if I don't have any???
- Mavs parade on a THURSDAY at TWO PM... uhhh isn't everyone working??
- Being ignored because people are on their phone or playing with their phone. 
- People driving and texting. If you notice some driving horrifically, see if they are on their phone... cause I bet they are. GRRR
- Pointing out to someone (a boy... not UF) that they urinated all over the floor in front of the toilet. Gross. 


- Microdermabrasion! 
- Pintrest... I think. 
- Lilly Pulitzer koozies...
- Essie's, Cute As A Button
- Being 50 days away from, "I Do!!" 
- Making some progress on the extensive list of necessary wedding music... really... processionals?!

Yalls turn!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leftover Weekend

I know I left yall hanging, ready to hear about the rest of the weekend?!

Well Sunday we had some friends and family over and had a nice little BBQ. It was so much fun having everyone over and seeing everyone, and UF can smoke a mean mean rib. 

As I'm cleaning (before people come over) I pull out the vacuum and UF says, "Oh good, you're vacuuming, I made a mess." Now insert big grin... like this one...

No warning bells... yet.
No warning bells were sounding. I think, Hmm that's ok, I made a tiny mess with some powdered sugar when I was baking earlier. When I got around the corner to where he has been standing... this awaited me:

That would be almost an entire bottle of rub on the floor.
 Of course I look up, and the counter looks like this:

Yep, all by himself. :)
I'm pretty sure he should be thanking his lucky stars that I think he is so cute and that we got to eat these babies:

They were delish, your mouth is watering right now isn't it?!
It was a great weekend and we were so glad to get so see our family and friends. Oh, did I mention Jake got busted for licking the grill post use?!

Busted AND caught on camera. He's lucky he's super cute too! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See, what ha happened wuz...

Hi loves, sorry I was absent yesterday. It is fair to say it was a whirlwind of a weekend. 

Lets see, Saturday morning we had an appointment with our jeweler to pick out UF's wedding band!!! This was not as easy as it sounds. In fact, we left the jeweler with my bands good and UF's not really happy about what he "picked". He really wants a cool metal and the jeweler highly discouraged them. I explained that he should get something he likes, not the jeweler. So we left the jeweler and ended up at the jewelry stores par-oozing. Luckily we found two he liked, took pics, emailed them to the jeweler and he said he could do them for $200 cheaper... that is why you go to a jeweler friends! 

After we find some rings for UF we stopped for lunch at Gloria's. It was to hot to sit on the outdoor patio, but we had a great lunch inside. Then I was off to.... my make-up trial!! 

I wasn't thrilled with my make-up trial and I probably should have played it smarter. I had an appointment with M.A.C. and went in saying I wanted more dramatic make-up that accented my eyes. Bad idea. Why? I don't wear heavy make-up, so I ended up looking a little alien. I am going to go back and ask for a more natural look. To make sure I was right though, I had UF take some pics outdoors and indoors to see how it photographed. I think they made me look oriental... weird right? 

Indoor Picture: The foundation is sooo heavy. 

Outdoors Direct Sunlight: Uhh, where did my eyeballs go???

Shade: Definitely the best place for the make-up.

Last One, Promise.
 I promise I'm not full of myself, just wanted to share the results. I don't think are as horrific as I originally thought, but not for my wedding day, right?

I will save the rest of the weekend for another day! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Ahem, you know what day it is right?!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday, and I'm participating this week!! 

I know have her button posted on my page, but she's so adorable. Sydney is actually pregnant and one of those people I describe as "adorable pregnant". So cute. 


- My boss thinking I was upset because he didn't hire someone... I'm not. It's ok... just forget about it, k?
- Introducing my boss to the "Fitness Pal" application and then getting a text from HIM later telling me his lunch was 1300 calories, and thanks a lot for introducing him to the app. At least he knows?
- Trying not to look overly concerned after an older customer almost falls down walking out the door. Uhhh, do we pretend that didn't happen?
- Letting an employee know he has a customer to see him.... through the bathroom door. 
- UF texting what he is thinking about each of his Words with Friends moves... not sure he gets it yet. It goes like this...
Text Convo. 
UF: I have lots of 4 letter words I'm looking for 5 letter words. 
UF: Ok, I think I got a word.
Me: OK
UF: Ok, I played the word. 
UF: Your turn. 
Me: Really??? 
What a goof. 


- I traded my Epic for an Evo today!!! (I gave my old on to UF and he loved it so much I couldn't take it back)
- Running a mile BEFORE an hour Boot Camp. Booya!
- So you Think You Can Dance is back on!!! I LOVE this show!! 
- Tomorrow is Friday
- It is also a 3 day weekend.
- Make-up trial this weekend... pretty excited about that. 
- Sunday BBQ + Friends + Pork sandwich = see above title
- Kicking UF's butt at Words with Friends

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creepy Crawlies

Yesterday morning I wake up as usual and get ready for work. When I walk out to my car, I don't notice anything out of the ordinary, until I open my door... 

At first I notice my gym bag is on the drivers seat... which I have never placed there before. Then I look inside my car and notice my console is wide open and my dash compartment is hanging open with papers thrown all over the car. 

Then it hit me, someone broke into my baby. 

This is my baby.
I had no broken windows and not scratches on the door handle. I guess it is possible that I left my doors unlocked... but I ALWAYS lock my car doors when I get home. Nothing was stolen, although you could tell they went through all of my things. The good news, I keep nothing of any value in my car. I even double checked to make sure our garage opener wasn't stolen, nope, still there. 

Later in the day, we realized  that the same thing happened to UF's vehicle. 

Weird right?! In fact, it just really upsets me. It's pretty creepy knowing that someone was rummaging around in my car in FRONT of the house. 

UF ALWAYS locks his doors too. I'm a little wary of the idea that we both happened to leave both of our cars unlocked on the same night someone happened to be feeling door handles for unlocked vehicles. 

We live in a great neighborhood, but our neighborhood seems to have theft problems. In fact, a neighbor down the street has an Escalade that he tows his humongous boat on... one morning he found it on blocks with no wheels and tires!! I thought that only happened in the movies. 

In fact, we even have the older nosy neighbors across the street. You know the kind? The ones that sit in the front room and keep an eye on the neighborhood from their front window? I know for a fact they are those people... how?

UF and I were on vacation once and got ticketed for parking on the wrong side of the street (my only ticket and it's total crap). The cop tried to knock on the door because if we were home we was just going to give us the opportunity to move, and not ticket us. Unfortunately, we weren't and got ticketed... 

Since we weren't home how do we know the cop came to our door? Our neighbor told us when we got home. They spotted him from the window and came out to be nosy make sure everything was ok. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brain Dump Day.

Thanks for being willing participants in today's brain dump. 


Now that I am... we are... less than 2 months away from the BIG day... I'm getting anxious. No, I did not say nervous, I said anxious. Things need to get done and time is running out. If you know me, you know I'm a planner and organizer, so yes, I generally have things under control... but I'm so afraid of the things I might forget and therefore NOT plan!! 

-The girls need to get dresses. 
- I need to pack and ship everything to NH. 
- I still need  my wedding dress to arrive. 
- Then I need said dress altered.
- No idea what jewelry I am wearing. Do I want pearls/diamonds/nothing???
- Wedding music needs to be picked out. 
- I'll just stop here with the "to-do's"

Also, I want my hat to arrive... 

I got one in black with white script... however, I did the smart thing and got my NEW last name initialed on it... so even after it arrives, I have to wait to wear it!!! haha Go figure, there was no right answer! 

Here is the story: I was going to purchase these shoes and decided to wait, to make sure that I really really wanted them. I decided that I do, but now they are out of stock EVERYWHERE. Boo. If you find them, I need a size 7... k thanks! 

I have a make-up trial this weekend for the wedding, and we are going to see our jeweler to get our wedding bands!! I am so excited about picking up our wedding bands. Woohoo!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pour Some Summer on Me.... BLOG SWAP!!

Guess what?! I finally get to share my Pour Some Summer On Me Blog swap with you!

This was my first blog swap ever and it was so much! I will definitely be doing it again!! 

I was partnered with the with Jacqueline @ Jax and Marbles! She is awesome, you should all go check her out, she has lots of adventures and tons of cute pictures! She was such a sweetheart and I love love love everything, thanks again for being my swap partner girl! 

 On to the goodies, right?!

To be quite honest, I'm surprised yall got this picture at all... I mean, I had to TAKE the picture BEFORE opening the box all the way!! I'm proud of my self! :) A sweet note from my swap partner.

Jax even wrapped the goods in cute tissue paper... why didn't I think of that?! Adorable!! You can hardly stand it right?!

Some of the goodies in the box!! So much fun! 

 I wanted to dig in so badly that I didn't actually get a picture with EVERYTHING at once! haha Sorry! 

I have to admit it's so me. I was just watching Cupcake Wars on t.v. and pouting about not having cute decorations... problem solved! 

I also have to admit I've been coveting the adorable dish scrubbers for some time, and it really does make washing dishes better, trust me. 

I'm excited about the Vera Bradley gift wraps too, perfect for my girls! Yall know how obsessed I am with office supplies... especially cute ones, and I have a feeling this will be put to GREAT use in the next 2 extreme months of wedding planning. So if you get a your "wedding schedules" and they are crazy, I will be sure to add some cute post-it notes to make it ... better! 

I can't conclude without mentioning the Milk Duds either... which I am eating right NOW... well they are gone, but I just finished them. Member when I mentioned my Milk Dud craze?? Sooo sweet, right?!?!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I feel off.

This week, I have fallen off the bandwagon. Seriously. UF has been asking me, "Isn't that an AA saying?" Honestly, I have no idea, but it applies in this situation for sure.

You see, I have not been to the gym once this week. I haven't exactly stuck to my diet either. I would consider this an epic fail. UF keeps telling me that it's a good thing to take a break and that he's pretty sure it's recommended you take some time off every now and then. His words are of no condolence. I just don't like how I feel when I "temporarily" fall off of that wagon. Granted, it was 4 days off, it feels like too much.

I don't know if I'm alone here, but the week before a special Aunt visits each month, I get monstrous cravings for junk and too lazy to go to the gym. Ironically enough, the thing that would help the most would be to continue to eat healthy AND go to the gym. Go figure, right?

So yesterday I was a little down in the dumps about my self image and falling off the wagon. No, I'm not so crazy that I think I could possibly gain 5 lbs in 4 days or anything (and it hasn't been that bad!), but sometimes it just gets to me.

Today, I AM going to the gym. It's really now, so I'm going to remind myself all day that I AM in fact going... when 6 PM rolls around and I am off work and thinking about going home or going to the gym... it wont even be a question. I'll let you know how it goes!! :)

I am hoping to share my "Pour some Summer on me" blogswap with yall later today... so check back this evening or tomorrow morning!!