Friday, June 17, 2011

Boot Camp and Wedding Cake

I am exhausted from boot camp and little bit tired of thinking about wedding details. 

With less than 50 days to go, the wedding is coming up fast! We are still missing quite a few R.S.V.P.’s and are trying to put some of the final details together and I'm kinda tired of thinking about it. UF wants to just randomly pick people's food... uhhh, you can't do that!! 

I guess the other thing that kinda weighs heavy on my heart about the wedding is I don't know if a lot of my family will make it. All of UF's family will be there, but I don't know if much of my family will be there. There is a strong possibility that my grandmother won’t make it, "because she can't handle it" .... I get it, I do, and I won’t be angry... but it's distressing. I guess that is all I will say about it, we will see what happens.   

On to a happier topic... do you ever see people and think, I need to take a picture of "said person" with my phone camera?! You know, you see craaaazy people and think about how funny it would be if you could show it to other people??? I had one of those moments...  at Victoria Secret.

I was at Victoria Secret (semi-annual sale) and I notice 3 Asian women following each other around the store, very closely, and talking pretty loudly. Then I notice one of the sales people attempting to block the door because the Asian women are holding tons of loot and trying to holler out the door at someone outside?! It gets better. The biggest Asian women had on a realllllly short dress and as soon as that door opened WOOSH her dress blew up... ewwww. Not wearing VS undies, I don't think! Then the door siren goes off, beeep beeeep beeep. The sales lady finally gets the woman BACK into the store and the Asian women are making this annoying beeep beeep beeep (like the alarm) noise. The sales lady lets out a big sigh and tries to explain they should stay away from the door so it doesn't beep. 

I wish I had the nerve to blatantly video record them, you would have loved it!! <3

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