Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brain Dump Day.

Thanks for being willing participants in today's brain dump. 


Now that I am... we are... less than 2 months away from the BIG day... I'm getting anxious. No, I did not say nervous, I said anxious. Things need to get done and time is running out. If you know me, you know I'm a planner and organizer, so yes, I generally have things under control... but I'm so afraid of the things I might forget and therefore NOT plan!! 

-The girls need to get dresses. 
- I need to pack and ship everything to NH. 
- I still need  my wedding dress to arrive. 
- Then I need said dress altered.
- No idea what jewelry I am wearing. Do I want pearls/diamonds/nothing???
- Wedding music needs to be picked out. 
- I'll just stop here with the "to-do's"

Also, I want my hat to arrive... 

I got one in black with white script... however, I did the smart thing and got my NEW last name initialed on it... so even after it arrives, I have to wait to wear it!!! haha Go figure, there was no right answer! 

Here is the story: I was going to purchase these shoes and decided to wait, to make sure that I really really wanted them. I decided that I do, but now they are out of stock EVERYWHERE. Boo. If you find them, I need a size 7... k thanks! 

I have a make-up trial this weekend for the wedding, and we are going to see our jeweler to get our wedding bands!! I am so excited about picking up our wedding bands. Woohoo!

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