Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Ahem, you know what day it is right?!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday, and I'm participating this week!! 

I know have her button posted on my page, but she's so adorable. Sydney is actually pregnant and one of those people I describe as "adorable pregnant". So cute. 


- My boss thinking I was upset because he didn't hire someone... I'm not. It's ok... just forget about it, k?
- Introducing my boss to the "Fitness Pal" application and then getting a text from HIM later telling me his lunch was 1300 calories, and thanks a lot for introducing him to the app. At least he knows?
- Trying not to look overly concerned after an older customer almost falls down walking out the door. Uhhh, do we pretend that didn't happen?
- Letting an employee know he has a customer to see him.... through the bathroom door. 
- UF texting what he is thinking about each of his Words with Friends moves... not sure he gets it yet. It goes like this...
Text Convo. 
UF: I have lots of 4 letter words I'm looking for 5 letter words. 
UF: Ok, I think I got a word.
Me: OK
UF: Ok, I played the word. 
UF: Your turn. 
Me: Really??? 
What a goof. 


- I traded my Epic for an Evo today!!! (I gave my old on to UF and he loved it so much I couldn't take it back)
- Running a mile BEFORE an hour Boot Camp. Booya!
- So you Think You Can Dance is back on!!! I LOVE this show!! 
- Tomorrow is Friday
- It is also a 3 day weekend.
- Make-up trial this weekend... pretty excited about that. 
- Sunday BBQ + Friends + Pork sandwich = see above title
- Kicking UF's butt at Words with Friends

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