Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!

I thought I would make-up for Monday with a little bit of:

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1.   This weekend I'm   going to be working, boo.

2.  My last vacation was  a Caribbean cruise out of Galveston with some friends, wish I was back on it!!

3.  My next vacation will be   a week in NH for my wedding (if that counts as vacation, I'm not working so I think it does) followed by a week in Costa Rica!! 

4.  My favorite way to relax is  cuddling on the couch watching a good movie.

5.  When vacationing one should always    make sure your phone is turned OFF. Rule #1.

6.  When vacationing one should never  Check e-mail or think about work. Bleh.

7.  The best part about a vacation is  Escaping some of the daily grind and doing whatever you want whenever you want too!

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