Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See, what ha happened wuz...

Hi loves, sorry I was absent yesterday. It is fair to say it was a whirlwind of a weekend. 

Lets see, Saturday morning we had an appointment with our jeweler to pick out UF's wedding band!!! This was not as easy as it sounds. In fact, we left the jeweler with my bands good and UF's not really happy about what he "picked". He really wants a cool metal and the jeweler highly discouraged them. I explained that he should get something he likes, not the jeweler. So we left the jeweler and ended up at the jewelry stores par-oozing. Luckily we found two he liked, took pics, emailed them to the jeweler and he said he could do them for $200 cheaper... that is why you go to a jeweler friends! 

After we find some rings for UF we stopped for lunch at Gloria's. It was to hot to sit on the outdoor patio, but we had a great lunch inside. Then I was off to.... my make-up trial!! 

I wasn't thrilled with my make-up trial and I probably should have played it smarter. I had an appointment with M.A.C. and went in saying I wanted more dramatic make-up that accented my eyes. Bad idea. Why? I don't wear heavy make-up, so I ended up looking a little alien. I am going to go back and ask for a more natural look. To make sure I was right though, I had UF take some pics outdoors and indoors to see how it photographed. I think they made me look oriental... weird right? 

Indoor Picture: The foundation is sooo heavy. 

Outdoors Direct Sunlight: Uhh, where did my eyeballs go???

Shade: Definitely the best place for the make-up.

Last One, Promise.
 I promise I'm not full of myself, just wanted to share the results. I don't think are as horrific as I originally thought, but not for my wedding day, right?

I will save the rest of the weekend for another day! :)

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