Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love the smell of watermelon.

Irrelevant post name I know... but I will explain a little bit of it later... It's Thursday, *sigh of relief, that means tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready for the weekend, as I'm sure most people are. I claim no originality on that front, but I've got some items that need to be checked off my "to do" list so it should be a productive weekend.

Guess what else?! It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday! I really do love this time of day!


- Dropping a stool at work on my toe (as previously posted about).
- Then limping around work for 2 days and counting...
- And finally (stool related that is) wearing a high heel on unhurt foot and a flip-flop on the hurt foot. I'm trying to keep it professional after all????
- Work playing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard over the PA system... wait, we are at a bar??
- Running out of toilet paper at work. The End.
- The gibberish that my English language turns into after two cups of coffee.
- When UF tells me (at 11:37 PM) that I should probably stop drinking coffee by at least 3 PM... because I can't stop talking and therefore can't fall asleep (which means he can't either :)).


- Getting surprise checks reimbursing you for petty cash that you used out of your own pocket at some point... that I already forgot about!! Woohoo
- Tomorrow is April!! Only my favorite month, well... maybe beside August (Wedding) now!!
- Spring showers... and warmth! 
 My most awesome watermelon pen, that SMELLS like watermelon!!! Amazing huh? (Get the post title now?!)
- Spring Rolls, the unfried kind in rice paper. I don't remember if I mentioned them last week, but I am still thinking about them and craving them. If only I coud get UF to eat them every night!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's that time of week again, WILW!

Yes!! It is actually What I'm Loving Wednesday... again! Imagine that!! I'm going the same direction, and I'm pretty sure I always will when participating in WILW.... fashion. Same disclaimer as last week applies, I am not a fashion blogger, just sharing What I'M loving on this Wednesday!

Fasten your seat belts!!

1. My wedding dress. However, due to the fact that occasionally UF decides to hop on over and read my blog, like a good UF, I can't post it. How long do you think it will take him to pick up on this line?? My guess, at least a week! :) Hi Hunny!

2. J.Crew's new line includes lots and lots of CORALS, blush pinks, and oranges... oh I die!

3. These smoky eyes. I am still trying to concur this trick. I wear minimal eye make-up usually so it just feels heavy. I think these are gorgeous!

4. PINK SPARKLY TOMS! I have silver, but have been eyeing the pink ones... only to realize they are sold out everywhere in my size!! BOO!


5. Ivory Toms!! Heavily considering these little beauties for my wedding reception when my feeties start to heart. Love.


6. Gretchen Rossi. Now, I don't love her, but I want her body. That is the reason I work out so hard. So I can walk around in a bathing suit as confidently as she can.

7. Ray Ban Aviators. I'm still a huge fan! Come on Summer 2011!


8. Lastly, Red Coral bangles and Turquoise bangles, especially together.


I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this, beachy theme I've been screaming from every bone lately, but so sorry if you are a Winter kinda person! Hope you all enjoyed as much as I do! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!

I know... I know... you're thinking, not another one right? However, I like this idea. It's a little bit random and I don't always have to participate. I'm actually thinking I'm a day behind with my posts. I think it would be much more beneficial for everyone is I could have them go up in the mornings. So in an attempt to get my act together, I'm participating.

Actually, this is my favorite kind of weather. Granted, it would be much more enjoyable from the comfort of my home all day, due to drowsiness, but it is still my favorite.

Today's Top 2 Tuesday is about is Top 2 Celebrity hairstyles. This is a realyl difficult one for me, seeing as I like a few!! So I may post more than just 2 pics... I hope I'm not breaking any rules!! :)

1. For a short cut I love Jennifer Aniston's new cut!! I love the color too as always! I just wish I could pull of this look!

2. Long layers - any kind really! I love wavy, straight, curly. My go to as well.
Julianne Hough is so cute!

I love love love Kate Beckinsale's "I didn't try" wavy layers!! I am still trying ti figure out how to make my hair look this awesome and that effortless!

This may be my favorite though. I love how full her hair is. It's got so much body and still straight, but not too straight, and still looks effortless!! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Woe is my Toe!

I am really tired of complaining about it being Monday, but I really despise Monday's that I actually have to work (which is almost by definition - every other Monday). I hope I don't remind anyone of a spoiled brat, but I feel like pouting like one.

I definitely got my day started off on the right foot though (You will realize the pun I just inserted later). Actually I was moving a stool first thing this morning at work, where it fell on its side - hitting me hard enough to break skin on my shin- then tumbled over landing right across the toes of my right foot. Unrelated to said accident I've been limping because my right knee has been killing me from all of my cardio. Finally, the pain in my right knee is gone after a day off from exercise yesterday.... only to be replaced with a limp, because I can't put any pressure on my toes! Completely disregarding that, I decided to still try an hour of Zumba. Now my toe is throbbing, but I at least had to give it a try and I think it was worth it. 

I may be seeing the results I want from all this working out, but by the time I'm where I want to be, I'm afraid I'll have some serious joint issues... well, at least one probably. My right shoulder hurts, my right knee, my right toe... see the pattern? I have to take a break for at least a week soon, I'm hoping to get some much needed repair during my little break! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have seen this little Alphabetic sucker going around a lot from blog to blog. I figured it would be a nice little Saturday post.

Also, I ran today! This may not seem like a huge ordeal to many of you... but I'm pretty sure I've never run in my entire life!! :) I ran a total of 2 miles (I was in a time crunch... which is why I decided to run in the first place) and the first mile I ran in 11 minutes!! That was my warm-up mile too, so I probably could have done it faster. I hear my time isn't horrible too! I used to think I would only EVER run if I was running from someone or something (cue creepy sound effects), but not as miserable as I assumed. This does not mean I will pick it up as a habit, but it seems like a pretty efficient way to squeeze in a workout if you are hard pressed for time.

Now to my ABC's:

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: King - which is absolutely necessary.
C. Chore you hate:  Vacuuming up dog hair with the vacuum hose on my hands and knees. Bleh 

D. Dogs: 1 Yellow Lab, hopefully two in the coming year!
E. Essential start to your day: Used to be Diet Coke, but since I have cut my consumption down so drastically to 7 oz a day... eggs?
F. Favorite color: Green... or yellow... or anything bright really.
G. Gold or silver: Silver.
H. Height: 5′4″
I. Instruments you play: Although I'm not still qualified to play it, I used to play the French Horn.

J. Job Title: Store Manager
K. Kids: None.
L. Live: Richardson, TX
M. Mom’s name:Danielle
N. Nicknames: Rachel, Rach, Crachel, Cupcake

O. Overnight hospital stays: Don't laugh, but I got mono in high school, that turned into something else and was in the hospital 2-3 days/nights.
P. Pet peeve: Ignorance.

Q. Quote from a movie: "If you don't shut up, my boyfriend over here is going to come back there and pummel your ass" (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings: Sam and Ben

T. Time you wake up: 7:15 AM for work typically, sleeping in would be 9:00 AM
U. Underwear: What about it???
V. Vegetables you dislike: Not a huge fan of Brussel Sprouts, I like most vegetables though and will eat Brussel Sprouts if I don't have any other options.
W. What makes you run late: Over sleeping. I'm not usually late, I plan my day accordingly and stick to schedules.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: None yet.
Y. Yummy food you make: Tomato Basil Pasta (my moms recipe) and homemade popcorn... YUM
Z. Zoo animal: White Tigers... Oooo.... Ahhhh and Otters!!! So much fun to watch.

I'm sure most of you didn't learn anything new or remotely useful about me that you didn't already know. Not to mention, who needs to know any of that about me? Thanks for letting me indulge a little though!! It's beautiful out in Texas, hope everyone is enjoying it!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday... ?

I'm guessing all of you have that ridiculous song stuck in your head too right? You all know the one I'm talking about too, don't lie!! It may be pretty petty but I think you have to admit it's just a tiny bit catchy!! I'll be the first to admit that I walk around singing that goofy song more often than I am proud of! The first step is admitting you have a problem though... or that's what I hear.

Tomorrow we are throwing a surprise party for a friend of mine. Before you ask... no I'm not afraid of ruining it. The girl doesn't even have Facebook, so I'm pretty positive she isn't reading this anytime soon. What is a party without a cake right??? I was in charge of the cake.... wanna see what direction I went????

That's right, Hannah Montana!! The kicker? No, she's not 6, not 12, not 16, not 22, yep she's in her late 30's. Pretty awesome right? How much do you want to be she loves it though? I'll have to remember to update you, because I'm pretty sure she will surprise everyone and be pretty excited about. 

Since I'm still participating in operation "wedding diet" (wedding is in August... so I'm pretty sure it has to continues at least TO the wedding) I'm not sure I will get to enjoy the cake. There is another thing you should know... I love love love cake. Honestly, who doesn't?! It's really hard to refrain, but I've done it at least once before on same said diet. I refuse to beat myself up over it if by chance I do have a bite. The point is to feel good, and I am very aware of the fact that one slice wont ruin me! :)

Hope the "It's Friday" song isn't stuck in everyone’s head and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awk...Awk... Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

This is quite easily becoming one of my favorite day. I really enjoy Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I mean really, it's perfect!! I have even started trying to keep track of this stuff throughout the week, because I should really have some good ones for yall each week, I just forget them sometimes! So how 'bout we get this show on the road huh?


- Derren Brown. I realize you probably haven't heard of him. He is this creepy man who practices NLP (which is a lot like, The Mentalist if you've seen that show, but in real life) he is from the UK, and I kinda hope he stays there. 
- Spring Allergies - Ugh... they started on the last day of winter, they sure are on top of their game huh?
- Coffee Breath - self explainable I think. Eww. 
^^ This thing looks like it could be good... it's not!!! False advertising?? Maybe it's cause there is no mayo in it? 
- Spring Rolls - I could currently eat these little suckers for lunch and dinner every day!

 - Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter, YUM! UF says that Peanut Butter is like crack for women. 

 - My Tervis Tumbler Coffee Cup, it just makes me happy. 

 - The quarter slice of carrot cake I get to each daily, yum yum yum, highlight of my day! :)

  - Moroccan Oil - I know people are on the fence about this stuff. Let me tell you... amazing!! This stuff really does work wonders! I can always tell the difference when I do and don't use it.

- Lastly, this article THIS article that UF sent me. It may seem a little odd, but it completely makes sense to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the other day I said "It would be weird if you were skinnier than me". This article made sense to me, I thought I'd share. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Does anyone else think that Wednesday is a funny word? I used to have a really hard time remembering how to spell it, until I came up with this fool (me) proof way: Wed-nes-day. I have to say it in my head that way every time I want to spell it... silly eh?

Today I am participating in What I'm loving Wednesday.

It seems like it could be fun. I'm not sure I will be doing this every Wednesday seeing as I also participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursdays... which I can see overlapping a little bit. This week, to keep things fresh, and keep Awkward and Awesome Thursday... awkward and awesome, I am going to make What I'm loving Wednesday a clothing themed post. Now I am not a fashion blogger, but I do have a love for clothing. This being said, I am on a strict "wedding" budget and can't really do much shopping right now. I can share with you the things I love and want though, right? Harmless enough, and maybe one of you has the extra moola to enjoy the items for yourself! So here we go!

Side note: I think it's safe to say I'm feelin' Summer!


This one makes me sad actually. You see this bathing suit is currently on clearance at VS for all of $10.00. However, it doesn't came in a single (top) size that I could squeeze into. Only SX and S... psh yeah right

I think this is a super cute Summer dress. I am really into navy blues right now!

I totally have the gimmies for this shirt. It would be wonderful for pre-wedding week or honeymoon right?! Like I said... "wedding" budget. BOO

I think Maxi dresses are hard to pull off and the pattern has to be just right. I will never own this dress due to its price tag, but you have to admit it's adorable!! Maybe it will go on clearance?! :)


Silk shirts will be an excellent addition to wardrobes this Spring/Summer. Not a huge fan of this patter, but I'm in love with the shape.

This is weird for me, I know. I am typically really conservative and would be really uncomfortable wearing this in public. I envision wearing this on the honeymoon, soaking up some sun. I think that counts as appropriate right? It's all about settings!

Lastly, I love the color of the purse. I love the gold medal accents, the black, and the the color... oh, extra love. I may also mention that I own this bag. I know "wedding" budget. However, I purchased this bag on clearance (less than what it's advertised as now) and have been staring at it in my closet until it's ready to come out play!

I know my fashion taste isn't for everyone, but I hope you at least enjoy it. It has me pining away for Summer. As you all may know, that seems to be an ongoing issue with me. It seems like I'm stuck between a hard place and a rock. I can't wait for Summer and to be married to the love of my life and best friend.... BUT the sooner Summer arrives, the more behind I become at wedding planning details!!! :)