Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Guess what?! Today I am linking of with The Daybook for awesome an episode of Awkward and Awesome. I'm pretty excited about this!! Here we go!!

 Let's start with AWESOME!

My new yellow purse! Yay Spring!
My Tervis Tumbler... <3
The delicious Mimosa I enjoyed at Church Landing
Cake balls... YUM

This flower, which I grew all by myself AND kept alive!  
 Also, the fact that Green Bay won that super bowl! 

 This would be a couple. 
Late nights.
Lastly, wedding date!!!

Now for Awkward!

 - Feeling like the girl in my same group during boot camp was competing with me.
- The fact that said girl wouldn't shut up about her P90X workouts... (uhm why are you at Boot Camp then)
- Going to work dirty, (Eww, I know) and feeling like everyone else knows it too. 
- Definitely NOT being able to go more than 1 day with dirty hair.
- Being super jealous of other girls who have fabulous hair on dirty day number 3!
- Throwing the boxes of girl scout cookies across the room at work. (I can't eat them, I don't want to look at them)
- Telling people I'm getting married in New Hampshire. (I'm really sorry, but I'm still happy about it... does that make me awful?)

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