Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awk...Awk... Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

This is quite easily becoming one of my favorite day. I really enjoy Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I mean really, it's perfect!! I have even started trying to keep track of this stuff throughout the week, because I should really have some good ones for yall each week, I just forget them sometimes! So how 'bout we get this show on the road huh?


- Derren Brown. I realize you probably haven't heard of him. He is this creepy man who practices NLP (which is a lot like, The Mentalist if you've seen that show, but in real life) he is from the UK, and I kinda hope he stays there. 
- Spring Allergies - Ugh... they started on the last day of winter, they sure are on top of their game huh?
- Coffee Breath - self explainable I think. Eww. 
^^ This thing looks like it could be good... it's not!!! False advertising?? Maybe it's cause there is no mayo in it? 
- Spring Rolls - I could currently eat these little suckers for lunch and dinner every day!

 - Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter, YUM! UF says that Peanut Butter is like crack for women. 

 - My Tervis Tumbler Coffee Cup, it just makes me happy. 

 - The quarter slice of carrot cake I get to each daily, yum yum yum, highlight of my day! :)

  - Moroccan Oil - I know people are on the fence about this stuff. Let me tell you... amazing!! This stuff really does work wonders! I can always tell the difference when I do and don't use it.

- Lastly, this article THIS article that UF sent me. It may seem a little odd, but it completely makes sense to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the other day I said "It would be weird if you were skinnier than me". This article made sense to me, I thought I'd share. 

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