Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Cosmo VoxBox!!

I wanted to share with you all my first box from Influenster. The CosmoVox Box.

I have twitted and instagrammed a few pictures, but what an awesome program.

This is what was in my particular box:

I'm not a huge fan of the Forever Red fragrance by Bath and Body Works, but honestly it's not bad. I really am not normally drawn to floral smells, but I liked this one, considering. If you are interested in a light floral scent, I suggest trying it!!

The Venus Embrace Razors, I really don't like. I don't seem to get a very close shave when I use the blades that have a lot of soap on them when "wet".The really neat thing about this one though, is you can purchase any blade for the razor. So now I can go to the store and pick the blade I want. So neat.

The FriXion pens, I'm on the fence about. I love the idea that they are erasable INK. Yep, you read that correct. They erase like pencil, but they are pens!! The ink isn't that dark or thick though if you ask me. I probably wouldn't suggest writing a check with them, but killer idea.

I saved the best for last. The Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate is AWESOME. I mean, go pick it up at the store, yesterday. If you are on a diet though, don't think about trying it. I mean, don't look at it, don't smell it. It is by far the best chocolate I have ever tried. In fact, I have purchased 3 bars since I finished the one sent to me. Now that is LOVE.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh my Lanta.

I promise I had every intention of coming home and creating the best blog post ever for y'all...

However, I have a virus and can't access Blogger from my computer, what?!

The husband is currently trying to fix it for me since I know nothing about computers. Ok, I know some, but he keeps mentioning a host file or something and that is a little advanced for me. I'm not saying I couldn't figure it out on my own, but why not take advantage of the perks of being married, right?!

Hopefully I will be back on and running shortly.... Maybe?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A dolla make me holla honey boo boo.
Yeah, I went there. 
So the weather here in Texas is GORGEOUS today!!
I'm talking 70 and sunny... who can stay anywhere near being a grump with this kinda weather?! Not me.
As you may or may not have been able to tell, I have been in a hermit kinda mood these past few weeks.
I mean full on hermit too... just me and husband and dogs kinda hermit.
Well, this weather hasn't exactly changed that perspective, but it has made me think that MAYBE the best way to get out of it, is to see people. It could work.
However, the idea of seeing people and being social, irks me a little. Do I sound like a nutzo?!
Normally I'm a pretty social person, I swear.
UH wants to BBQ, which means people over... cause we can't eat all that BBQ ourselves, but I'm stressing over the idea of having people over.
No worries though, I'm quite sure I will survive whatever it is we choose to do this weekend.
It is slightly depressing that I am thinking about the weekend already and it's only Tuesday.... bleh.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Reality.

Hey yall...

I feel so slow today, I mean like, in slow motion slow.

I would really like to tell yall that I have been super swamped and busy this week, and that is the reason I may or may not have neglected this here little blog.
That would just be a lie though.

Work has been slooooooooow and honestly, slightly miserable.
I'm going to admit that, because who in their right mind loves their job ALL the time.
Not. Me.

Moving on to the positive.

My personal life is amazing.

We went 4 wheeling last weekend, and had so much fun.

Then Monday the husband and I had the best day. ever. We went to lunch at my most favorite restaurant, Houston's and then had a nice little movie marathon at the casa.

The movie marathon was only enhanced by the fact that the baby (puppy Chloe) was getting a bath and gone most of the day.
That little one is such a handful sometimes. She doesn't stop, therefor you can't stop... must be similar to children.

I promise I will share weekend pictures soon!! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

a lot on my mind.

It's Friday... I realize that. 

Which means I should be jumping with joy since I'm off this weekend.

...and I will be... as soon as I get off of work.

I've had a lot on my mind lately.
Have you ever been in a position where you are highly valued and yet not appreciated?
For example, "Oh mah gosh you are the best _____ we have, your amazing"
and yet, you still get the filling you are utterly replaceable.

And in the above said position you're stuck. You've gone as far as you can go, and honestly you don't want to go any higher... mainly because you disagree with the position and it's mission statement or mindset?

Does that make any sense? Am I being to vague... *sigh.

Moving on.
Tomorrow morning (bright and early) the hubby and I will be headed out to east Texas. We will meet up with my awesome Aunt and Uncle. And we will four wheel. And drink beer. And forget about everything, except nature, 4 wheeling, and drinking beer.

So for now, I am day dreaming about my mud princess (see below) for the next 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Can't. Wait.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beauty Haul!

Two posts in one day?! Aren't we lucky today?!

I couldn't not share this deal with you guys, so I had to drop in again today.

Nars has a 20% off coupon right now and I'm not sure when it expires...
hence, why I have to share with yall, NOW. :)

This is what I picked up:

Sheer Lipstick in shade: Barbarella.
I love this color... remember?!

Semi-Matte Lipstick in shade: Schiap
This color has been circling the blogosphere for quite some time, I'm giving it a go!

Sheer Lipstick in shade: Dolce Vita
This looks like a perfect color for... anytime.

Illuminator in shade : Super Orgasm
I love love love this illuminator. I currently use "Orgasm" and think the "Super Orgasm" will be great for no make-up kinda days... for some "natural color".

That of course is me, and I happen to be wearing the Nars illuminator in Orgasm.
The lipstick is M.A.C Sheen Supreme in Ultra Darling.

I probably took 15 - 20 pictures and most turned out like that and...

Ahhh! ... like that. Just keeping it real.

And because you still need to code!!

THE DEAL: Take 20% off on your entire order | code: SIERRA
THE DEAL: And all orders of $50+ get free shipping, no code necessary.
THE DEAL: Or if you want it faster for Valentine’s Day, receive free 2-day shipping on all orders placed before 11am on 2/10/2012 (cannot be combined with the ’20% off’ offer) | code: SendMeLove

Orange yall excited?!

Have yall seen the new Essie Spring 2012 line-up yet?!

I'm positive everyone will be ooing and aahing over it soon... so excited!!

Shall we take a look?!

I adore the combination of bright neon colors and some soft pastels.

They have thought of a color for every mood I believe.

Navigate Her
I like this color, but I have last years sea foam green, which means I probably shouldn't buy this one.

A Crewed Interest
Once again, I love this color. I feel like I have too many perfect pinks already though.

To Buy Or Not To Buy
This one I may have to pick up, seeing as I don't own a lovely shade of lavender yet. Have you seen the sparkles in the beauty?!

Tour De Finance
I love pink, but I'm not really a fuchsia kinda gal. I think this is my least favorite in the collection.

Ole Caliente
I love red. Red does not love me back though. It seems to make my fingers look stubbier. Am I insane or does anyone else have this problem??

Orange It Obvious
I thought this was my favorite color of the collection, because of this picture:

The explanation of this outfit refers to the nails polish as "Essie: Oranges"

When I google searches Essie Oranges I was greeted with Orange It Obvious. However, I think I got misinformation somewhere along the line.

I thought things weren't right when I looked at the picture of the color alone... then I found this picture, and it proves that something really isn't adding up.

Say what?!

So I think I may skip on the Orange it Obvious. I don't think that color would look good on these already stubby fingers....

P.S. - That's me sucking it in ^^^ ...
attempting to make my fingers look skinny. Yup.