Thursday, February 9, 2012

Orange yall excited?!

Have yall seen the new Essie Spring 2012 line-up yet?!

I'm positive everyone will be ooing and aahing over it soon... so excited!!

Shall we take a look?!

I adore the combination of bright neon colors and some soft pastels.

They have thought of a color for every mood I believe.

Navigate Her
I like this color, but I have last years sea foam green, which means I probably shouldn't buy this one.

A Crewed Interest
Once again, I love this color. I feel like I have too many perfect pinks already though.

To Buy Or Not To Buy
This one I may have to pick up, seeing as I don't own a lovely shade of lavender yet. Have you seen the sparkles in the beauty?!

Tour De Finance
I love pink, but I'm not really a fuchsia kinda gal. I think this is my least favorite in the collection.

Ole Caliente
I love red. Red does not love me back though. It seems to make my fingers look stubbier. Am I insane or does anyone else have this problem??

Orange It Obvious
I thought this was my favorite color of the collection, because of this picture:

The explanation of this outfit refers to the nails polish as "Essie: Oranges"

When I google searches Essie Oranges I was greeted with Orange It Obvious. However, I think I got misinformation somewhere along the line.

I thought things weren't right when I looked at the picture of the color alone... then I found this picture, and it proves that something really isn't adding up.

Say what?!

So I think I may skip on the Orange it Obvious. I don't think that color would look good on these already stubby fingers....

P.S. - That's me sucking it in ^^^ ...
attempting to make my fingers look skinny. Yup.

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  1. I love all of those colors ~ especially a crewed finance and orange it obvious!