Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Reality.

Hey yall...

I feel so slow today, I mean like, in slow motion slow.

I would really like to tell yall that I have been super swamped and busy this week, and that is the reason I may or may not have neglected this here little blog.
That would just be a lie though.

Work has been slooooooooow and honestly, slightly miserable.
I'm going to admit that, because who in their right mind loves their job ALL the time.
Not. Me.

Moving on to the positive.

My personal life is amazing.

We went 4 wheeling last weekend, and had so much fun.

Then Monday the husband and I had the best day. ever. We went to lunch at my most favorite restaurant, Houston's and then had a nice little movie marathon at the casa.

The movie marathon was only enhanced by the fact that the baby (puppy Chloe) was getting a bath and gone most of the day.
That little one is such a handful sometimes. She doesn't stop, therefor you can't stop... must be similar to children.

I promise I will share weekend pictures soon!! 

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