Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OH!!! How Pinteresting?!

I have made it in time for this weeks Oh, How Pinteresting link up!!! Woohoo!!

As usual my pins are all over the place, and I think it's apparent I am more than ready for Summer. I would say Spring, but I have bad Spring allergies... so I'll pass on that one.

Let's start with some positive inspiration this morning, shall we?

Healthy Mac N Cheese, using Quinoa.
Has anyone used Quinoa before? I've heard wonderful things about it.

In case you missed it, Coral and Turquoise are two of my number one favorites colors. Last year I bought those coral shorts at J.Crew and am dying to wear them now!! 

Notice a trend here??? Coral shorts!!! Ooooh love the nail polish color tooo!!!

I want to do this for the house. So cute!!!

Sooo, UH and I are going to have photos taken in NH when we go back for our anniversary. I thought this would be an adorable back up plan (in case it's raining)!

Fried mozzarella, but healthier! Does this not look amazing?! I want this right...NOW!

We are 4 wheeling this weekend, and I thought these sugary goodness cookies would be perfect! Can you see the sugar?! I can!!!

I found this gem on Esty. We are going on a cruise this Summer, and this sucker would be PERRRFECT!!! I think it's only $14.00 too. Talk about affordable!!

Like I mentioned... allll over the place, and so ready for Summer.

Is Spring/Summer nipping at your heels already too?!

I do live in Texas, so we it could be right around the corner for me!!

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