Thursday, February 2, 2012

Woah, all of that in one sitting?!

Do you ever find yourself wishing that your favorite bloggers would most something like 3 posts a day!? I do. Now, I completely understand how unrealistic that is... I have a hard time with one post a day. I think I feel this way though, because I am so nosy. Even if I don't know you, I want to know what's going on in your life. What beauty products do you recommend?? Raves? Rants? What'd you buy this weekend?! I guess if those are the things I love so much, I should consider writing something like that huh?
I really wanted to participate on Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.... BUT I get so picky about what pins I want to share with yall, that I missed out. I mean, I'm not hiding pins from you or anything, I just don't want to post lame ones....? Weirdo, right?
I have a confession. I have not been as strict this week about my diet as I have been. The past 2-3 weeks I have been a Nazi about what goes in my mouth. I mean, we went 4 wheeling Saturday, and I made chicken breast sandwiches and brought fruit... there were no chips, anywhere. To top that off, our friends fried chicken poppers, fries, and corn balls, and I only had 2 fries. Dedication. This week, not so much. Not I wouldn't call it a complete train wreck, but I haven't been that strict. I would say I've gone over my max caloric intake by 100-200 calories a day probably. I'm not upset about it though, it happens... especially the week before that time of the month. Normally the week before that happens, I will eat everything in sight. I'm talking cookie monster kinda problems. While dieting and working out, I always try and remember one important phrase, "You can try again tomorrow". I think it's important to remember that you ate what you ate, don't beat yourself up about, try again tomorrow. It keeps me sane.
I'm on track today. This is what I ate...
 Side note: There is only ONE noodle left. I obviously forgot to take a picture when it may have looked more appetizing. Oops!
Smart Ones Baked Ziti. I love Smart Ones. Best frozen meals ever, and only 300 calories!! I am trying Amy's tomorrow though. They are all organic and gluten free. I will have to let you know how I feel about those.
Also, I got this fortune in my fortune cookie yesterday.
For realz?!!? Have I told yall how badly I want to get out of TX and into NH?! Seriously unlikely that it happens this year though. Pshhh, I'll keep dreaming.

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