Tuesday, February 7, 2012

75% off... dreaming!

I was being all diligent and working on a post for yall last night, and I couldn't get to Blogger. For the life of me, it wouldn't open. I couldn't even log in. I'm still not sure if it was just me, my computer, or everyone. Although I'm assuming that if everyone else had problems with it as well, I will be reading about it today, eh?!


I thought I would share the Kate Spade 75% off sale with yall, assuming you haven't heard about it yet.
Kate Spade Sale!!

It's amazing. No really, I think this sale is a good one. That may be coming from a somewhat biased opinion. I mean, I am a sucker for both Kate Spade and a 75% off sale.

I will confess I purchased a couple of things, and I think it's apparent Spring/Summer is all I'm thinking about. Not to mention Texas hasn't experienced a Winter this year, and that isn't to say we wont. We still may get a Winter... it's just going to be in April or something crazy.

Here is what I picked up...

Kate Spade Delancy Street Spade Camden in Gazpacho
Originally $345.00 on sale for $149.99!!
Color is sold out though ... sorry ladies!!

Sparkler Gia
Originally $95.00 on sale for $45.00
I was soooo excited about this one. I have swooning over this clutch for months...
It paid to wait!! Woot!

Styled!! So cute!!

Big Apple Travel Medium Heddy
Originally $50.00 Sale $25.00
I am excited about this for traveling! TSA approved! Woot

Mint Julep Cocktail Ring
Originally $78.00 Sale $25.00
I own the pink and red ring and LOVE them. So I picked up all the colors.

Martini Cocktail Ring
Originally $78.00 Sale $25.00

Like I said, I loved the pink and red cocktail rings, and at $25.00 decided it was so worth it to pick up these colors.

I hope there aren't anymore 75% sales until a couple months. I need to restock my spending money. I have depleted my budget!!! Oops!! 

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