Sunday, March 20, 2011

I heart Sundays san football!

I would like to take a moment to tell you all just how enthused I am that football season is over! This means that I get to enjoy an entire day with my little family unit and UF will not be distracted by men running after a ball on t.v! 6 months out of the year I end up counting down the days until football is over. Now, like most girls, I can handle some football. Keyword being SOME. UF watches every single game and then flips between games when there are multiple at one time. How can you expect me to be interested in every game? Especially when I start to get interested in one and you keep flipping to another game... confusing much? So you can imagine how happy I am when football takes a nice pause. Bonus, as of now there is no NFL this year!! Holla!!! :)

UF and I had the best day yesterday. I got in 2 hours of Zumba at the gym, came home showered, and we set off to run some errands. We got a link taken out of my watch, UF tried on wedding bands, we went to look at tux's for the men, and then we ate dinner at Gloria's outside on the patio. The weather was amazing and sitting on the patio is just what this girls soul needed, a refresh. Then we picked up some movies from redbox, made some homemade popcorn, and enjoyed a good romantic comedy. How can you match or top that???

We are going to attempt to match it by going to the Dallas World Aquarium today. I am so excited! I have lived in Dallas for 22 years and never been, a shame right?? I will take the camera and try to share. I promise I am going to put pictures into a post, hopefully today, if not soon!

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