Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!

I know... I know... you're thinking, not another one right? However, I like this idea. It's a little bit random and I don't always have to participate. I'm actually thinking I'm a day behind with my posts. I think it would be much more beneficial for everyone is I could have them go up in the mornings. So in an attempt to get my act together, I'm participating.

Actually, this is my favorite kind of weather. Granted, it would be much more enjoyable from the comfort of my home all day, due to drowsiness, but it is still my favorite.

Today's Top 2 Tuesday is about is Top 2 Celebrity hairstyles. This is a realyl difficult one for me, seeing as I like a few!! So I may post more than just 2 pics... I hope I'm not breaking any rules!! :)

1. For a short cut I love Jennifer Aniston's new cut!! I love the color too as always! I just wish I could pull of this look!

2. Long layers - any kind really! I love wavy, straight, curly. My go to as well.
Julianne Hough is so cute!

I love love love Kate Beckinsale's "I didn't try" wavy layers!! I am still trying ti figure out how to make my hair look this awesome and that effortless!

This may be my favorite though. I love how full her hair is. It's got so much body and still straight, but not too straight, and still looks effortless!! 


  1. Jennifer Anniston ALWAYS has PERFECT hair doesn't she.

    Please stop by and say hi

  2. Oh Ya! Great Picks! I love the long layered look :)