Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grow up grown-ups!

This story, is about these shoes:

As you know, Friday I got to go see my mom graduate from flight attendant school! However, I have a story to tell about what happened before that. I went to get my mom a graduation present, I had it all picked out, I just needed to pick it up. We got dressed up and ready to go then we were going to swing by and pick up her present on our way. UF drops me off, I run in to pick it up, on my way out I pass a group of people sitting outside at a restaurant drinking a beer. As we pass them I think, "Man, it is a perfect day to sit outside and have a beer". Then (the moment I walk in front of them) I hear one of the adult males say, "She has on nice shoes" and the whole group proceeds to laugh. I wore a dress today, and I don't usually wear dresses, it was above my knees and I was feeling self conscious, and these people are LAUGHING at me. So I stop, turn around and look at the group of 6-8 adults and they stop laughing. So I cross the street, horrified, and stare them down until UF picks me up. He asks why I'm red and I re-tell him my story. He stops, looks at them, and asks if I want him to say something. Of course I don't, but it's a nice suggestion. They were completely aware of the fact that I heard them though, I turned around, stared at them, and was red in the face. You know that line in the movie, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, when she says "If you don't shut up my boyfriend over here is going to pummel your ass", I was this close to repeating it to those people!! I mean, who laughs at people like that?! Jerks! Grow up you grown-ups, that's just rude!

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