Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey yall!

Yes, I moved sites... ALREADY!!! I wasn't feeling the last one and wanted something I could really invest some time and love in. I think this one is perfect!? Agree, disagree?? I think this, this is me. A name is a lot ya know? Isn't there a quote like... "What's in a name?" Think about it, a lot!! People always always judge based on names. There is actually a pretty neat study in the book, Freakonomics, about how names affect children and how successful they are in the world. Essentially, it doesn't affect their personalities, but it does affect opinions and judgments that people make about them. So you get why it is so important now right??

I also wanted something easier to remember, this is better right? Sorry for the hassle yall, but I sure hope you keep sticking around for me!!!

P.S. - I would really love some feedback on the change! Better, worse, who cares?? K, love you, bye!

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