Friday, March 11, 2011

I got some sunshine!

Guess who got to enjoy at least some sunshine today?? I did!!! I still have this crazy urge to lay out by a pool, but I'm afraid it's still a little too cold out. 

I had today off, which is pretty strange for me, but there was a good reason to take it off. I got to go see my momma graduate from flight attendant school!! I'm so proud of her! Some of the "future" flight attendants don't even make it through training, they lost 15ish in there class. It was good to see some family and friends, and to see my momma happy. After not being home for 4 weeks hope she enjoying some quite time at home tonight. 

After that UF decided to spoil me a little bit and took me to Houston's for dinner. For those of you wondering what Houston's is.... only my favorite restaurant in the world. We ate really early, 4:00 PM, so we got to eat with all the Seniors, I told UF that we could just call it a really late dinner if people asked... that way we don't get made fun of for being Senior citizens!! :) I have a feeling we may be a little bit hungry later though! 

I feel a little bit guilty for not doing a lick of housework today, but UF says not to worry about it. Easy for him to say, a little dirt doesn't bother me. It starts to both me though. Now, this girl likes some mud, completely guilty, but not in her house! It's really not that bad, I promise, I just have impossibly high standards. 

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