Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creepy Crawlies

Yesterday morning I wake up as usual and get ready for work. When I walk out to my car, I don't notice anything out of the ordinary, until I open my door... 

At first I notice my gym bag is on the drivers seat... which I have never placed there before. Then I look inside my car and notice my console is wide open and my dash compartment is hanging open with papers thrown all over the car. 

Then it hit me, someone broke into my baby. 

This is my baby.
I had no broken windows and not scratches on the door handle. I guess it is possible that I left my doors unlocked... but I ALWAYS lock my car doors when I get home. Nothing was stolen, although you could tell they went through all of my things. The good news, I keep nothing of any value in my car. I even double checked to make sure our garage opener wasn't stolen, nope, still there. 

Later in the day, we realized  that the same thing happened to UF's vehicle. 

Weird right?! In fact, it just really upsets me. It's pretty creepy knowing that someone was rummaging around in my car in FRONT of the house. 

UF ALWAYS locks his doors too. I'm a little wary of the idea that we both happened to leave both of our cars unlocked on the same night someone happened to be feeling door handles for unlocked vehicles. 

We live in a great neighborhood, but our neighborhood seems to have theft problems. In fact, a neighbor down the street has an Escalade that he tows his humongous boat on... one morning he found it on blocks with no wheels and tires!! I thought that only happened in the movies. 

In fact, we even have the older nosy neighbors across the street. You know the kind? The ones that sit in the front room and keep an eye on the neighborhood from their front window? I know for a fact they are those people... how?

UF and I were on vacation once and got ticketed for parking on the wrong side of the street (my only ticket and it's total crap). The cop tried to knock on the door because if we were home we was just going to give us the opportunity to move, and not ticket us. Unfortunately, we weren't and got ticketed... 

Since we weren't home how do we know the cop came to our door? Our neighbor told us when we got home. They spotted him from the window and came out to be nosy make sure everything was ok. 


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