Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It seems like Awkward and Awesome Thursday come up so fast!! I have to say, I am never prepared enough for this! 


- Coffee breath. 
- Stinky customers. 
- You're e-mail address, which clearly states your entire name, sending out spam to everyone you have ever e-mailed... sorry, don't open it?!
- Your boss begging for good news, cause he had the worst day... what if I don't have any???
- Mavs parade on a THURSDAY at TWO PM... uhhh isn't everyone working??
- Being ignored because people are on their phone or playing with their phone. 
- People driving and texting. If you notice some driving horrifically, see if they are on their phone... cause I bet they are. GRRR
- Pointing out to someone (a boy... not UF) that they urinated all over the floor in front of the toilet. Gross. 


- Microdermabrasion! 
- Pintrest... I think. 
- Lilly Pulitzer koozies...
- Essie's, Cute As A Button
- Being 50 days away from, "I Do!!" 
- Making some progress on the extensive list of necessary wedding music... really... processionals?!

Yalls turn!!!

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