Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leftover Weekend

I know I left yall hanging, ready to hear about the rest of the weekend?!

Well Sunday we had some friends and family over and had a nice little BBQ. It was so much fun having everyone over and seeing everyone, and UF can smoke a mean mean rib. 

As I'm cleaning (before people come over) I pull out the vacuum and UF says, "Oh good, you're vacuuming, I made a mess." Now insert big grin... like this one...

No warning bells... yet.
No warning bells were sounding. I think, Hmm that's ok, I made a tiny mess with some powdered sugar when I was baking earlier. When I got around the corner to where he has been standing... this awaited me:

That would be almost an entire bottle of rub on the floor.
 Of course I look up, and the counter looks like this:

Yep, all by himself. :)
I'm pretty sure he should be thanking his lucky stars that I think he is so cute and that we got to eat these babies:

They were delish, your mouth is watering right now isn't it?!
It was a great weekend and we were so glad to get so see our family and friends. Oh, did I mention Jake got busted for licking the grill post use?!

Busted AND caught on camera. He's lucky he's super cute too! :)

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