Thursday, September 8, 2011

"It's Ok" Thursdays!!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but UH and I have a date night every Wednesday night. They have become a pretty regular thing and we typically don't miss one. In fact, a lot of my co-workers like to poke fun, because I hate missing one, but I think they are just jealous! :)

I would recommend it if you are considering it... for a couple of reasons. We do it mid-week, so it gives us a solid block of time to sit down, face to face, with each other and talk. It's also the only time during the week that we eat out, so it keeps eating out to a minimum and affordable, and lastly it gives us both something to look forward to mid-month. 

We take turns picking out restaurants and the opposite one pays. It doesn't really matter about who pays, but it's kinda fun. It makes things fun too, because if there is a restaurant that I don't particularly love that he does, he can pick it! It works out great for us. Last night it was Hooters though, bleh. I'm not a big fan of wings, and they seem to have little us that isn't fried that speaks to me! :) I lived though. 

I thought I would link up for It's Ok Thursdays!! 

So... It's Ok...

To sleep in an extra 20 minutes and miss our shower... I don't smell!

To check the 10 day forecast daily to make sure that 100 degree weather isn't going to rear it's ugly head around these parts again... and then be disappointed to see it in the forecast.

To have a purse addiction, I LOVE purses. 

To prefer online shopping to in store shopping because I love opening boxes. 

That I went into the Michael Kors outlet and did not make a purchase. 

That I usually only put make-up on for special work occasions and going out with UH.

That I am skipping tonight's boot camp and running and doing weights instead.

That football starts tonight, I'll find something else to do! :)

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