Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Word, it's that day again! Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays!! I really like this day, and I really love me some pinteresting. It's kinda a problem. :) 

And we are off! 

I would completely 100% do this... if I had any kind of patience for it. Bummer. It's adorable.

This is so accurate for both me and UH that it's funny. I love this. 

I can't wait to give this a try. I think I am may make a button with it!! Photoshop, you better watch out, one day I may just figure you out! :)

The irony right?! The funny thing is, I threaten to squeeze things to death because they are so cute. For example, I squish UH's face and puppies faces too. :) 

I would really love a piece of that cake. It's so pretty too! 

I am so guilty of thinking to much, this hits the spot. UH says I make things to stress about if I don't have any valid reasons! haha

 The caption reads: "Sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don't drift away from each other." Priceless.

 This is so stinkin' cute, I want to dress my husband like that... but I think it may just be weird. 

Lastly, I want this shirt. I want it!! It's a men's Ralph Lauren shirt... and I can't find it ANYWHERE. Boo

What did yall find on Pinterest this week?!

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