Friday, September 30, 2011

It's technically still Friday yall!

It's technically still Friday, so while this may be a later than normal post it does mean I didn't skip out on y'all today!

I've been toying with the idea of getting an iPad for a while now, but I always talk myself out of it at some point. I'm very fortunate to have the things I have and I guess I just feeling guilty sometimes for wanting something when I have so much.

I've been weighing the pros and cons with UH and really digging to make sure that it was something I really wanted and would really use. I absolutely don't want something that I'm not going to actually use... no matter how much it costs.

So UH told me to give it s few more days to think about and if I still wanted it then we could talk about it fo realz. I don't make quick decisions about these kinds of things, so I said yeah sure.... Sounds good.

Well... I best UH home from work today and he comes and gets me and tells me he has a surprise for me. I got a little hopeful when he says, don't get excited it's not an iPad. If you know UH then you know that when he says phrases like that, you listen.... Cause last time he said that he got me a box of nails.... Seriously. Then he turns around to grab it and says.. It's an iPad TWO! Sneaky little boy, he got me sn iPad 2!

I'm pretty sure this is the coolest present that UH has gotten me for no reason in our vast 6 year history. UH doesn't get me big presents for no real reason, and he doesn't have it, certainly not to prove anything, I know he loves me to death no matter what.

A keeper, with or without presents, that man is.

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend!!

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