Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Simple Things

I think I've mentioned before how lately I have been really concentrating on the good and simple things in life, and that's why I'm participating in this link up!! 

Like I mentioned, I've been working really hard at it, and I find it really does make me a happier person. Even UH has mentioned how happy I've been lately, maybe a little goofy too. 

Here are some of the simple things I'm appreciating:

- Watching my employees do plank. It's really pretty funny and I think every now and then completely appropriate.
- Prime time television, thank goodness!!! 
- Cuddling with my Husband and pups. 
- My family, really... they rock. 
- Parking in the garage, when I remember, it's awesome.
- Aviators
- Busy bones, they keep our pups trouble free for sometimes hours!
- Being alive

I promise if you try it, it makes the quality of your life that much better!!! I wouldn't steer you wrong either! 

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