Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday! Woot!

It's Fashion Friday again yall!!! I'm really starting to like this link up too much, it gives me the "gimmies"! :)

This week I have found myself grabbing anything button up. Particularly, silk button ups... they are so flattering, but generally... any button up! :) It must be that fact that fall is around the corner and full sleeves are almost a reality here in TX!

I started with one of my favorites. The denim button down. It was kinda everywhere last fall though, so I hope it still comes back this year! 

This is awesome, see through, but not to terribly provocative, yet it still has sleeves and everything! 

I love this dark distressed denim, kinda sexy! 

A nice relaxed twist on a male work shirt maybe?! I have been looking everywhere for a men's button up that is just right. If you know where I can find some let me know! 

I love this look with the gold pearls!!! Forever 21 too! 

Denim shirt again, I know, but this time l'm paying attention to the layering! So cool! 

What are yall looking at this week for Fashion Fridays?!


  1. Okay, so I have always hated denim shirts/dresses until this post. That denim top is SO cute! Who knew denim shirts would be in again.. I can remember my mom dressing me in denim things as a kid. Very cute!

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  2. Great finds...thanks for linking up honey! Have a great weekend. Kori xoxo