Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Work Week!

Yes, you read right, I just wished everyone a Happy Work Week! :) 

Sometimes it's good to look back on sadder days/moments/historical events, because it really can ground us. It's easy to forget all the millions of things we are thankful for sometimes, and revisiting tragic events can remind us of all those things we are grateful for again. I think it's an everyday struggle to really remain aware and focused on the things we have vs. the things we do not. I'm going to try harder every single day to not take them for granted. 

I was complaining about unloading the dishwasher once and my Dad reminded me that he didn't have one. He asked if I was grateful for my dishwasher. I replied that I most certainly was and it would stink to be without (wash all those dishes by hand... what?!)... to which he replied, "If you were really grateful for it, would you be complaining about unloading it?" Talk about insert foot, but it was something that has stuck with me... I try not to complain about unloading the dishwasher now, it sounds so silly. 

Today I feel like this:

Even after 16 ounces of (almost black) this:

At least I'm alive, life is good. 

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