Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Fridays!

This beautiful, chilly (what?!) morning I am linking up with Blonde Episodes Fashion Friday! What an excellent way to kick start the weekend huh?! 

I am always obsessing over purses/bags of any and all varieties. I can't help it, it's is definitely a problem. So I thought I'd share my most recent dream list. This is only a wish list, I don't really ever except it to be a reality, I'm not crazy! :)

Of course the LV Speedy 30... duh, it's a staple! 

LV Neverful GM, my dream travel tote I think. 

Coach bag, I love love love the creamy caramel color! 

Coach bag, I can't find the name of it, but it's my newest addition. I think it'll be a great color for fall. 

This bag makes my heart flutter. I really love the color. I know it's out of season now, but Spring/Summer will happen again!

Another Kate Spade, I love the quilted pattern. This would be a great staple for Fall/Winter.

My latest obsession is Michael Kors. I recently stepped into the outlet store and haven't stopped thinking about it since. I walked out with nothing though, woohoo! I am saving for one of those bags though... if you have never touched a Michael Kors bag, you need to, it is luxurious! 
I love this Michael Kors, I really love the design and the chain in the strap. Yum.

I like this bag for a smaller option, you know, if you don't feel like lugging around your suitcase all day! 

While I don't have an IPhone, I think this case is pretty ingenious. I don't know about answering the phone in the case, but what a brilliant idea!! 

I am also in love with Michael Kors watches... so for a quick detour...

This is my favorite, I love the band. I want! 

I'd pretty much take any and all of these. 

Thought I'd share my problem with yall!! First step is admittance, right?!


  1. That orange Michael Kors is gorgeous. I really wish they made that Iphone case for Android.

  2. think i am in love with that watch and the black michael kors bag. one of each please!

  3. Great finds honey! I love me anything LV for sure. Thanks for linking up and have a fabulous weekend! Kori xoxo