Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's here and then it's gone.

I guess it's that time again... You know when you start thinking about your glorious weekend... so I can share it with yall, of course.... Then remember that you have to work this weekend. Bitter sweet, but at least I had last weekend off, right?!

Friday I got my workout in after work, so I started the weekend off right. Came home at dinner, then watched a little bit of t.v.

Saturday we finally got to sleep in. I swear it's the first time since our honeymoon. Usually the pup stats whining at some point early in the morning and we are up by 8 am or 9 am, but we got to sleep in until 10am! Then we got moving, dressed, and headed to my aunt and uncles... which is where my mom and step dad had gone off to Friday morning. We had a great time. I was soo mad that I forget every single one of my cameras. I took all of 3 shots on my phone. We actually brought the dogs with us, so we all sat out by their pond and let the dogs swim for hours. Then we drove around my uncles new mule and let the dogs chase behind us... to make sure they were worn out and all.

Then we headed to the porch and played a few hands of hearts, which I won, and headed inside for some pool and dinner.

I'm pretty sure the following pictures were taken before dinner and during pool, but at some point the crazy cajun uncle busted out the wig! haha

Sorry about the blurriness, they wouldn't stop moving!! 

My crazy cajun uncle taking his shot! 

It was a blast, just trust me!! 

Sunday we had a nice day at the house. I washed both dogs, they stunk... UH watched his Patriots game. I've decided to catch up on all of my reality shows while he watches football, it works out pretty well so far. I think he is trying to cut back on all the non-Patriots games and give me extra attention, so I don't feel forgotten about... so sweet. 

I actually had Monday off too, so we ran some errands and got some things done. Including all of like 7 loads of laundry. Bleck. 

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