Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New and still in progress.

Hey yall!! 

Notice anything a little bit different?! Yep, that's right blog redesign. I'm doing it myself so it's taking a little time. 

I'm currently working on a blog header. I wont lie, I'm no pro at this, so it's a work in progress. Hang in there though, hopefully it'll be good. 

I'm exhausted today. I didn't really do anything out of the norm, just tired. I worked 10 hours (that's average), worked out for 1 1/2 hours (pretty semi-norm), came home, ate dinner, cleaned kitchen, took the dogs for a walk. Now all I want to do is chill. 

That being said, that's basically what I'm doing. :) 

However, I have also painted my nails a total of 3 times tonight. I'm pretty sure I've been driven insane. That means, paint all 10 nails....remove, paint all 10 nails.... remove, paint again... keep. I tried to different color crackle paints I bought.... my opinion, skip em. It just looked streaky. Bleh. 

Guess what?! Tomorrow is date night.... AND it's my turn!! Holla!


  1. How do you make your own background?!

  2. You can actually just find a picture you like, and upload it. I have found that digital scrapbook paper works really well!