Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkwards and Awesomes!

Isn't it funny how you start re-calling things that happened to you during the week for Awkward and Awesome Thursdays... your immediate thought may be that nothing awkward happened to you... until you realized a lot of awkward things did?! :)


- Pups sleeping together, even though Jake mostly still ignored Chloe... busted! 

- My new Kate Spade that I purchased on super-mega clearance, woot! 

- My lunch, Subway flat bread sandwich. Everyone asks if I like them, I love them. Try it, they are delish! 

- I always complain that my hair is always flat and volume is impossible... proved myself wrong, BAM!

- My Mom and step dad staying the night with me for a visit! 

- The weather in Texas today, it is 68 degrees and we have rain in our forecast!!!! Best news ever yall! 


- Trying to clean house in a hurry (for mom and stepdad) and bickering with UH. 

- Waking up to your alarm and trying to decided whether it is more important to wash your hair or sleep for 20 more minutes. 

 - A surprise visit from our General Manager... you kinda have to pretend to be happy to see them right? 

- Forgetting deodorant. I'm pretty sure no one else can smell the difference, but you are acutely aware of the fact. 

- Your employees asking if you shave your legs everyday?! Ehhh, what. Then not believing that you do. 

- Said same employees asking if your going to the gym, because they assume since you are married now that you wont be. 

- Eating the following cookie off the floor... don't worry, I dusted it off... I'm so sad. 

- How it feels like FRIDAY and it's only THURSDAY. 

Only one more day!!! 

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