Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't panic if you can't feel your eye...

As strong as it seems, those were words my dentist uttered to me this morning. Don't panic if your eye is numb and you can't feel it, it's normal. Of course guess what reaction that led to, mild panic. 

I would love to tell you guys today is a better day then yesterday, and I actually think I can. See yesterday I was sick and stressed about having cavities filled. Today I am sick and not stressing about cavities due to the fact that they have already been filled. I love my dentist and everyone who works there, but I do not by any means like going to the dentist. My entire left side of my face was numb. I take that back, at first only 1/2 of the left side was numbed, until I started squealing cause it hurt. Which is when I found out she was trying to go light on the numbing stuff, but in fact... wasn't able to get away with it, which is when she numbed the other 1/2 of the left side of my face. Cavities were filled and I went off to work. I had to wait 4 hours to get some feeling back in my face, including my eye ball which DID go numb... talk about weird. So I drooled on myself a little bit and imitated a stroke patient because when the right side of my face smiled, the left side did.... not. Want to see proof?? It's pretty funny. 

Kindly ignore the fact that I am make-upless too. :) Hilarious huh?

Guess what else happened today?! Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday my loves!! 

Soooo, I linked up... I'm addicted!

Skinny Baked Potato Soup, yum right?!

Chocolate Chip Mini Cheesecakes, can you tell I'm hungry?!

I love this look. Luxurious, stylish, and comfy.... whhaaaaaat?!

I have a thing for peacoats and the color green, double whamy. 

New Zealand, please oh please oh please!!! 

This makes me think of the love of my life. I'm sick and all I want to do is go home and cuddle up into him... 

Lastly, I just like this quote. It makes me happy, and I'd say it's pretty true. ;)

Happy Pinning!!! 

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  1. Chocolate chip mini cheesecakes?!

    Need them now! Lol. Great pins! :)