Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wimpy Wednesday?

Ok, just kidding, I'm still participating in Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday. 

I am so out of it today though. I feel sick. It kinda sucks. So I'm really sleepy and slightly cranky, but I will try and keep that to myself today. That has been my goal just about all day. So, moving on.

I've kinda got the gimmies for this David Yurman ring. You best believe I will be saving up my budget for it. :)

I decided to share this one, because it looks a lot like my ring...and I love my ring. 

I really need new work shoes, but $200 on flats seems pretty steep?! Can anyone vouch for whether they are worth it or not??

I can't remember if I have pinned this or not. I think it would be a great for fall. UH loves my hair blonde, but he saw this and made the comment that it wasn't really that dark. Maybe I can convince him he likes it? haha

I'm participating in this photo challenge this month. I think I may do a weekly recap so that it doesn't take over my posts.

I wish I was curled up in this right NOW. 

I already have the canvas and want to do this. It was inspired by Kate Spade. It just makes me happy. 

I want to go see the Redwoods. This picture is so peaceful. Yum

Hope yalls Wednesday is going better than mine! :)