Thursday, October 6, 2011

Still breathing.

Oh mah goodness, I feel like I haven't talked to yall in... forever. 

I know I pinned yesterday, but still...

It has been craAAAzy at work lately. It has really picked up lately and I find myself feeling like I ran around like a chicken with no head all day. Do you ever feel that way? Like you were really busy all day but when you try and list the things you accomplished... you draw a blank. 

Also, Gmail seems to be temporarily... out. What?! That actually happens??? I miss my email already! :) 

Lately I've been contemplating picking up the iPhone 4Gs. I'm not sold though. I don't want to just hop on the bandwagon because everyone else has. The one big motivational factor to do it????

Two words: Designer Cases

Found here

 Found here

 Found here

 Found here

See why this isn't such an easy answer?!
Can you also tell I have a thing for Kate Spade.... *sigh. :)

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