Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The good and The bad eh?

Yep, I'm still here

I was doing so well for a while... and then... I let it go. I think you can apply that statement to a lot in life actually... hmm. 

I think I can accurately claim that my life has been hectic. Newlywed, puppy, work, cleaning. I added cleaning, because I think it should be listed separate from newlywed. Housework sucks. 

Pre-wedding we had a maid once a week. I know... I'm a brat. When we became engaged we decided to save the money and put it towards the wedding. Almost two years later, we haven't gone back... yet. I really feel like I should do a better job keeping up with housework... it's just hard. 

I remember my mom saying that, and I can guarantee you I rolled my eyes. I would go back and slap myself for that one, now. 

Not to create excuses for myself or anything, but I work 48 hours a week and go to the gym for... round trip... about 2 hours. That leaves 8:30 PM tooooo.... 12? to clean. Who wants to clean after that kinda long day.

Any who, I've gotten much better. It's not so bad if you just try and maintain daily. 

I may never master the art of cleaning.

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