Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mischief Managed

I should have guessed today was going to be a weird day when I microwaved my eggs for 60 minutes instead of 60 seconds. Oops. Let me explain. I get to work really early in the morning, so I eat breakfast there. I try to get a good dose of protein so I buy the "Better than Egg" packages individual size and then microwave them (I have no other option) for breakfast. If you have ever tried microwaved eggs then you know, they don't taste great cooked that way. I had some salt and suck it up though. Well, I microwave them for 60 seconds, scramble, then put them in for 60 seconds longer... well today it was 60 minutes! I caught it early, nothing blew up, but they were uneatable! haha 

I also got our estimated wedding bill from the venue today. I can't decide if it's what I expected or not! haha I'm not losing it though, so I guess it's not unmanageable. I was so busy I haven't had much of a chance to look at it, exciting though! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I stopped into Vera Bradley the other day, but couldn't decide what I wanted. Since my day of birth is coming up here pretty soon they gave me a 20.00 gift certificate. I really really really don't need any more bags, but I would love more! :)

Honestly, I hoard bags. Do any of you do this? I mean I will buy a bag for, oh say, summer... in winter. So I put it in it's pretty little silk bad and hide it in the closet until the perfectly ripe and crisp Summer day. I'm a weirdo aren't I?! Eek. 

Today wasn't as warm as it has been, pretty cool actually. And the wind is insane. I'm trying to figure out when I need to put the winter clothes away and pull out the summer stuff. It's so hard to tell in TX. It snowed in April last year or the year before after all. Once it starts to warm up, it's usually a swift and continual race to HOT though. I should probably start that project soon. 

Lastly, I will mention that I have been searching for some volunteer work lately. I'll do anything. I just want to get out there and help. I will mow a yard, feed people, bake, read to children. If you know of someone or a great organization to get involved with, I'm welcoming any and all suggestions!!  

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