Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to being ME!

Good afternoon!! 

I'm pretty sure I can officially say I am back to being me. This whole recovery thing has really got me feeling out of my element. In fact, I felt the opposite. I got through my first day back at work and survived, so I would say success!! Also, my boss' boss just happened to show up today on top of everything else... give me a break eh?! It was a good visit though and I made it through day 1 pretty well. 

Today is a gooooorgeous day. I want to go for a walk but UF won't let me. He said I had a long day at work and now I need to relax. However this weather has put the ants in my pants. Not to mention people had rad sunburns at work today.... I was jealous. I mean, I would have used sunscreen, but what I wouldn't do to lounge by a pool! Here I come May 9th! haha

In other news, yesterday UF brought me to ULTA to buy nail polish!! I have resisted the urge to purchase anything for about a month now, so I thought some nail polish would put a pep in my step and not break the bank. Want to see the fabulous colors I got???

Amazing right?! I mean AH-MAZING. Those colors make me melt. Simple Love.

Now you're wondering what color I decided to go with, right? I'll show you! 
Like expected, I love this color. However, I probably shouldn't be allowed to paint my own nails. Since I'm on such a tight budget, manicures and pedicures are currently a thing of the past. I actually can't remember the last time I got to indulge. Trust me, me feeties need one, but they will have to wait. I'm sure when it's officially break out the bathing suit, shorts, and sandals I will have to get one, but I'll put it off until I can. 

Also, I still haven't figured out how exactly you apply "Essie" nail polish. I ALWAYS seem to have problems. Anyone know the secret?

Tomorrow I've got my first official, "give me the details" call with my wedding coordinator!!! AHhh!! Can you believe it, only 4 more months!! I can't wait!!! 

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