Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything is Ok.

I promised to check in, and I'm following through. 

So to explain my life "crisis" that I was all panicky about, I had to have a minor surgery. It was no big deal, honestly, but I had never had to go "under" before and I was really freaking out. I've got this goofy fear of the "unknown". That isn't exactly what it sounds like either. I guess you could say, it's more of a fear of not knowing what to expect. For example, I'm afraid of touching a snake because I have never done it before... therefore; I don't know what the skin feels like or what kind of texture to expect. It works that way with all kinds of things.

Sometimes I have BIG issues with my fear, sometimes I don't. For example, I zip lined in Alaska, no problem. I just told myself to get over and jump on, and that's what happened. However, going "under" for a surgery seemed like a much big deal. Good news is, I'm still alive, and I was worked up for days for... no reason... go figure.

I understood that complications were very, very, rare... but I still could have been that .01% ya know? I at least didn't want to rule it out, and wanted to be prepared for the worse. Would you believe me if I told you I'm really not a pessimist? haha

Anyways, all is ok, and I'm just recovering... boo.

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