Monday, April 18, 2011

Feels like a long time.

It feels like it's been forever you guys! I have to say my Sunday was pretty uneventful... which is just the way I like it. 

UF and I had a movie marathon and relaxed. That is my favorite Sunday, especially without football around. I would say it was pretty close to perfect.

I would say my Monday got started off on the right foot too. I was a little grumpy this morning, but I snapped out of it... eventually. I actually had a Manager meeting to attend in Dallas today. It went surprisingly well! I left in a good mood too. The only problem was the traffic on the way home. I never have to deal with traffic from where I work to home, because I go against the traffic. However, Irving to home... mucho traffic at 5:00 PM. Bleh. I made it back to work and then home though, and kept my awesome mood. 

Then believe it or not, I vacuumed, did dishes, cleaned kitchen, and watered the yard. I must say I'm feeling like super fiance at the moment. Oh yeah, I started some laundry too, woot! I hope this means it'll be a great and productive week. 

Oh, I've been meaning to share, but we had some really nasty weather last week, I believe it was Thursday. We got some really hard rain and some hail. UF was so excited about it, he kept bugging me to take some pictures. The pictures aren't great because I didn't want my camera to get wet and messed up... so sorry, but you can still get the idea. 

 You can see all the leaves all over the place, and all the hail on the left side by the rock. Crazy huh?! I was a little worried about my car, but it was fine.

 UF picked up some hail so we could get a close up. It wasn't too big, so it didn't cause too much damage. It was loud though! Jake, our lab, isn't a fan of thunderstorms and flips out. He follows me around the house basically walking on my feet. He hasn't always been afraid of thunderstorms, but we had a pretty nasty one about a year ago, and it's been down hill ever since. Hope yall had a great weekend and decent Monday! Don't forget to live in the now and live for today!! :)

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