Friday, April 1, 2011

Like Totally... Oh.Em.Gee

Friday again? Yesterday felt like Friday, but obviously it wasn't... which means I gotta do it all over again today. That's ok cause guess what I'm excited about?!

It's APRIL!!! I hope we got some nice, lovely April showers too. It is the month of my birth as well. I think, overall, it's just a pretty decent month. It also means a fresh start at working, seeing as I work in the stinkin' retail world. Fresh starts are usually good, unless you're having a killer month... in which case you know they don't last forever, so you want the month to be over before something ruins it! Right? Ha! 

The other good news, I survived Boot Camp last night!! It was pretty insane and I am sore. I'm a weirdo and I enjoy being sore... that way I know that I did in fact torture my body last night! :)

What do yall think about all the heat the "Friday" song girl is taking? Personally, I think ... if you don't like it, don't listen to it. She is only so popular because we are all going to YouTube to play the song... come on! Cut the girl some slack, yeah? Personally, I think it's a pretty catchy song! If you'd like to think I'm shallow and compare me to a 12 year old girl, you may do so! :) In fact, it may just be a perfect Friday theme song! 

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