Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've missed you!

Hello loves! I'm sorry I skipped yesterday. I thought about skipping today, but I didn't want to let yall down two days in a row.

I just haven't been into it. I take that back. I have just had other issues on my mind... pressing issues. I'm dealing with some irrational fears of mine tomorrow morning and frankly, I'm terrified. I mean, can't sleep at night, tossing and turning, jittery, hard to breath, full on panic. Let's just say if you hear from me tomorrow or Saturday, we are all good. I'm pretty sure I'm just being crazy, but I am ready to get this show on the road and be done with it already. I will fill you all in soon... hopefully.

In other news... actually, I don't think I know any other news, I've just been spacey. I really wish I had something interesting for you.

UF has been AH-MAZING. He still hasn't read anything about the previous post when I dared him to read it and say something...nothing! haha I'm sure he will be a full-time reader at some point... just not yet? Either way he has been so sweet. I have been having a hard time sleeping (as previously mentioned) and I can tell when I catch him semi-awake in the middle of the night and tend to make statements like, "I can't sleep" thereby waking him completely up. When this has happened the past two nights, he gets up, gets me water, and then even gives me sleeping tips (one of which worked at 5:00 AM this morning). 100% the love of my life that one is.

Since tomorrow is Friday, I'm guessing everyone is gearing up for the weekend?! I've gotten so many great invites this weekend, it's so lame I'm out of commish. BOO. I should have a decent weekend either way, I'll have to explain it all to you tomorrow. Until then, love yous!

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