Friday, April 15, 2011

Go me!

Look at me posting early and on top of my stuff! Woot! Go me.

I've got to work Saturday so I'm not as excited about it being Friday as most, but I'm still getting enjoyment from it. I don't have solid plans this weekend, but I've got some tentative plans. I am determined to get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. I mean, for Texas, it's especially spectacular, and it wont last long. I have a feeling it's going to be a long and dry summer. I'm ready... I think? :)

I feel like all I do is nag sometimes, I guess I kinda feel like a Debbie downer. Boo, huh? If I do, I'm sorry. Like I'm sure I've said a million times, I'm just out of my element lately. I will get back into the groove soon. 

OOOH! Guess what?!?! There is a park right by our house, pretty much one street over and defiantly walking distance... AND.... the park has TWO volleyball nets!! UF and I notice them tonight as we were driving home! There were even two different groups of adult teams out playing!! Pretty awesome right?! I'm much better at pool volleyball after a beer or two, but this will defiantly do!! Woohoo! Wanna come play?!

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