Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm looooving!

Welcome to What I'm Loving Wednesday folks!!! 

I try not to do too much web surfing because it gives me the "gimmies" and I can't afford them at the moment! I don't know if I've mentioned but UF and I are paying for a large part of the wedding and we are absolutely not going into debt for it... so things are tight. Side note, do yall remember "Berenstain Bears Get a Case of the Gimmies"... best book EVER. 

Now on the the meaty part! 

I'm loving... this dress!! Beautiful right?! It's available for the low low price of $44!! Not bad huh?!

I'm loving the weather here in sunny Texas. It's currently perfect!! I know it wont last, so I will enjoy it while I can! It makes me kinda nostalgic.

I'm loving this hairdo AND the flowers. So pretty!! 

I love feeling exactly as this picture describes! The moment below, it happens a lot! :)

My internets are not cooperating tonight. It's been so slooooow lately. UF keeps having to unplug and replug things in, so I'm afraid this is going to have to be short and sweet!

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