Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's alive!

I have been awful, I know. It's just been kinda crazy. I turned 23 on Friday and all of my friends got together and we danced all night long. 

Saturday was devoted mainly to recovering...and doing nothing... which is my favorite thing ever! UF also made me my favorite meal ever! He has the best pasta dish, since it's my favorite, it was a great way to help celebrate "Rachel weekend"! :)

Sunday we ran around and took care of some wedding details. We picked out our wedding "wear" at Men's Warehouse and finalized that. We ran a bunch of other errands, but I don't recall anything specifically special. That night I ended up watching some of our besties kiddos. They are adorable and so easy to watch. Actually, they pretty much watch themselves. It was a lot of fun. 

I've had a rough week at work. It's been stress on top of stress. As soon as I walk in the door and read the e-mails, I melt down for about an hour to hour and a half, and then I resume work as normal. I've been pretty down about work. I almost feel like I'm at my limit... you know... that sand in the line. I have to hang in there though, I mean... everyone does, right? One day, I will figure this out.

Thanks for hanging in there with me though! I'm so sorry I've been such a bad friend!!

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